UCC Distance Education 2017/2018

UCC Distance Education 2017/2018

Universities are discovering with each passing day the need and hunger that most people have for education. Unfortunately some of these aspiring students are forced to ignore their dreams of pursing higher learning opportunities because they cannot afford to leave their jobs and businesses and attend formal lessons because they have other responsibilities to attend to. For this reason, the University of Cape Coast has joined many others in the world to develop a system that accommodates students that would love to pursues their academic goals without having to be physically present at the school. This is where the opportunity of distance learning comes from.

UCC Distance Education 2017/2018

UCC distance education 2017/2018

The graduate studies and research school in conjunction with the college of distance education UCC has sent out invitations to interested persons to apply for graduate programs in the coming admissions. These will be administered through distance learning platform. According to the UCC distance education admission list 2017/18, there are specific programs that will be taking in new students. The UCC distance education admission list for sale centers for application forms is out already. It is from these sale centers that people can get the official application forms once they have paid for the application charges via bank drafts.

UCC Distance Education 2017/2018- UCC distance education 2017/2018

UCC distance education fees

The fee structure for most of the programs offered by the university remains the same for the courses offered in ordinary classes. The distance education program only offers the convenience of not having to attend classes physically but the tuition fee remains pretty much the same as for the other courses. Once you complete the UCC distance learning admission process, the next move would be to know how much you are expected to pay. This depends on the relevant authority. Until a new list of fee structure is released for the year 2017/2018 the one used for the previous year applies.

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UCC distance education courses

UCC Distance Education 2017/2018- UCC distance education courses

These include are grouped into two mainly the academic and non-academic courses

Academic courses:

1. Education: M.Ed

Areas of specialization:

a. Educational Psychology

b. Special Education

c. Guidance and Counselling

d. Measurement and Evaluation

e. Administration in Higher Education

2. Business: MBA

Areas of specialization:

a. Marketing

b. Human Resource Management

c. Finance

d. Accounting

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3. MA (Master of Arts)

a .Guidance and Counseling

b. Administration in Higher Education

c. Measurement and Evaluation

Non Academic programs

Education – M.Ed (By Course Work)

The M.Ed course goes for a duration of 3 semesters and involves course work only. Those that successfully complete the M.Ed programmes may choose to do the MPhil upon graduation. The M.Phil requires an extra 3 Semesters ( 1 for Course Work and 2 S for research).

Business –MBA Dissertation

This programme last four semesters.

MA -Course Work

The MA needs a total of three semesters to complete.

UCC distance learning admission requirements

One of the major requirements for admission includes buying a scratch card for the admission forms at one of the sale centers. Other basic requirements include:

1. Must have a first degree from any recognized college or university or an equivalent institute. An interview will be carried out for third class applicants

2. MBA program applicants must be holders of professional certificates or members of professional bodies such as chartered accountants.

The UCC distance education program came to serve others and offer convenience for Ghanaians that want to improve their lives without destabilizing their program. Get the UCC distance education forms from the relevant sale centers once you have paid as directed. The UCC distance education 2018/19 may be your chance to advance you academic excellence. Do not miss out on a chance to advance academically just because you are held up in your current job.

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