How to Drive a Manual Car for Beginners

How to Drive a Manual Car for Beginners

As much as the automatic car craze is picking up very fast, we can never underestimate the advantage a manual machine gives the driver; total control. The recent car wave has seen most owners of manual cars sell them to get new automatic cars. This doesn’t mean nobody adores manual anymore. Some new car owners still prefer to learn with and use the manual car. For these loyal few, here is how to drive a manual car for beginners.

How to Drive a Manual Car for Beginners

How to drive a manual car for beginners

The easiest way to learn how to drive a manual car is to know the basics first. Manual cars have three pedals: clutch, brake and the accelerator. The brake helps lose speed, the accelerator to increase speed while the clutch puts the car off by disconnecting the engine and the wheels.

Manual cars have an extra sixth gear that reduces the level of the car’s fuel consumption, an added advantage over automatic cars.

How to drive a manual car step by step guide

1. Once inside the car, fasten your seatbelt. You should do it at all times.

2. Insert the ignition key and slowly start the car.

3. Press the clutch pedal down and adjust into gear number one.

4. Press the accelerator down gently. Doing it fast can make the car stall and go off.

5. Using your left foot, slowly lift the clutch pedal until the car starts to vibrate.

6. Let go of the handbrake to allow the car to start moving.

How to Drive a Manual Car for Beginners

7. As the car begins to get into motion, increase the revolutions by slowly getting your foot off the clutch. Keep your speed steady.

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How to drive a manual car in traffic

Most beginners don’t know what to do when caught in traffic. It’s even worse when it’s a manual car. A proper technique of how to drive a manual car in traffic will give you the confidence you need and help you preserve your clutch in the inconsistent traffic.

The car should be maintained in the first gear when the traffic is steady with a distance of one care between you and the next driver.

1. While depressing the clutch, shift into neutral gear and release the clutch periodically as the traffic stops and restarts. If you decide to hold the clutch at one point instead of pressing and releasing, you wear out its parts.

2. When traffic flows again, release the clutch slowly while shifting the car into first gear. Slightly depress the gas pedal to move the car forward.

3. Once the traffic is steadily up, shift into gear two at a speed of around 10 or 15 mph.The lengths between you and the next car should now be that of two cars.

4. As traffic speeds up, you keep shifting the gears up accordingly.

5. If it slows down again at some point, shift back through the gears to slow the car or get it to stop. The breaks help a lot in proper downshifting.

How to drive a manual car on a hill is also not as hard as it seems. There are more than one ways for driving uphill but we will feature two of the most commonly used methods.

The first method is using the handbrake together with the other parts. It’s the easiest and most popular outlined as follows;

How to Drive a Manual Car for Beginners

1. First apply the handbrake as you stop on a climbing lane. While pressing the clutch pedal, shift the car into the first gear.

2. Step two is setting the handbrake while pressing the clutch pedal with your left foot. This enables you to stay stopped. Your right foot should be free to press the gas pedal when you need to go again.

3. Slowly release the clutch and handbrake while at the same time applying gas .Now let go of the clutch pedal and the hand break.

The second method you can use to drive up the hill is the ‘’heel- toe’’ method that makes use of the gas pedal, brakes and clutch all at a go.

The first step, press the brake pedal and clutch down at the same time. Ensure you shift into the first gear.

As you get ready to move forward, slowly release the clutch pedal and the clutch.Concurrently, your leg shifts from the brake to the gas pedal.

Pressing the gas pedal to start moving forward, release your left foot and get it completely off the clutch pedal.

How to drive a manual car right hand drive is a walk in the park once these few tips are learned, practiced and perfected. Once you get used to actively participating in every step of getting your car to move, an automatic car might easily bore you. That active involvement is the beauty of manual cars.

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