Who Owns the Internet? You'll Never Guess!

Who Owns the Internet? You'll Never Guess!

You are probably using the Internet to access this content as of now. The question of who owns the Internet can be attributed to many factors. Bear in mind that, Google, your search service provider is not the Internet

Who Owns the Internet? You'll Never Guess!

When nations go to war, as in the two world wars, communication is crucial. In one too many occasions, much of the infrastructure gets destroyed hindering effective communication. The United States Federal Government ventured into a project in the 1960s that would see the realization of communication systems that would withstand an attack.

Of course, the first objective would be to develop a system that works regardless of any failure. That meant a decentralized system where everything would be in a location of its own.

Who owns and controls the Internet.

The internet is an acronym for internetworked computers.

Come to think of it, the Internet in itself is non-tangible and thus no one would be attributed to own and control the Internet in its entirety. However, for it to be a success, it has to rely on physical infrastructure such as satellites for long distance communication, routers for receiving signals and devices such as mobile phones or computers to access it.

Who Owns the Internet? You'll Never Guess!

Individual content exists in a remote location in some organization, an institution or a computer somewhere called a server. This is owned, so is the access channel you use to get it.

Each country has their own unique language and thus their information would exist in their language.

To eradicate confusion, there has to exist set of rules through which every user of the internet has to follow to achieve streamline communication. Organizations were established to come up with a set of standards every internet user would follow. These are called protocols.

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Protocol setting organizations include; Internet Engineering Task Force (tasked with ensuring a smooth evolution and working of the internet), National Science Foundation (Sponsors and comes up with research ideas on science), InterNIC (Responsible for Domain Name Systems), ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ensures your network connection is stable and works securely) and the Internet Architecture Board.

These organizations are responsible for assigning you an IP to access certain content and give you domain names. An IP is an identifier that distinctly singles your internet device from the rest of the network whereas a domain name is an identifier of destination content you are sourcing. A domain name distinctly singles out a directory you are addressing.

Who Owns the Internet? You'll Never Guess!

There is no single individual or institution that can fit the question who owns the internet now. There only exist individuals and organizations that own the services that connect you to the internet as well as services you get from the internet.




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Source: Yen Newspaper

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