Who is the Owner of Chelsea

Who is the Owner of Chelsea

Chelsea football club can be associated with major honors in Europe. It is a top club that has graced the major competitions scooping a trophy in the UEFA champions’ league, the EUROPA league and multiple local awards in England. It has in the recent past been notorious for its transfer policy and sacking of coaches as the billionaire owners demand results.

Who is the Owner of Chelsea

So, who is the owner of Chelsea F.C?

Chelsea FC was founded on March 10, 1905, and has been called the Stamford Bridge home since then. It won its first major title in 1955 having finished the First Division as leaders. Up until 1997, it had won only 6 trophies with 1997 to date opening an era of trophies; 21 major trophies bringing its tally to 27 major trophies.

Ken Bates bought Chelsea in 1982 for a reported £1m. Coming with the deal was £1.5 million debts. The club did not do well and as of June 2003, the club changed ownership.

Russian businessman, politician and investor Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich became the chairman of a company that controls Chelsea. He brought over half the shares of Chelsea Village. This gave him the upper hand in having the say to what directions Chelsea could go.

The deal saw Chelsea acquired for £140m with the new owner of Chelsea football club having to pay out debts of £80 million that the club had acquired over the years.

The new owner of Chelsea football club.

Who is the Owner of Chelsea

Roman Abramovich

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Roman Abramovich is a veteran Soviet soldier. He is of Jewish origin having been born in Lithuania on October 24, 1966. He rose to fame representing Chukotka as a governor in 1999 where he donated £112 to charity to rebuild the ruined region. He later resigned in 2008.

While serving in the Soviet army, he built his billion dollar company although he never actualized it until later.

He has served as a street trader and later got employed as a factory worker. His employment did not auger well with him.

A shrewd businessman as he was, he ventured into manufacturing and resale of manufactured goods. His leap, however, has been in the oil and aluminum industries of Russia. Forbes ranks Abramovich to be worth $10.5 billion as of 2017.

Roman Abramovich has been married 3 times.

His first marriage to Olga Lysova took 3 years. After which, he got married to Irina Malandina. His marriage with Irina from 1991 to 2007 was blessed with Ilya, Sofia, Arkadiy, Arina, and Anna. They divorced in 2007 due to Roman’s involvement with then 25-year-old Dasha Zhukova. With whom, he was later married to in 2008 to 2017. Their union saw them blessed with a daughter, Leah Lou and a boy Aaron Alexander.

Who is the Owner of Chelsea

Dasha Zhukova and Roman Abramovich

The owner of Chelsea, Abramovich is a staunch football enthusiast as he has been seen in most of Chelsea’s games; just like any Chelsea fan, he grunts when Chelsea loses a game.

Besides investing in football, he is a tech investor having invested $15 million in $30 Million Israeli startup, Music Messenger in 2015.




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