Did You Know How Much is the Net Worth of Bill Gates?

Did You Know How Much is the Net Worth of Bill Gates?

One would not be misguided were they to confer Bill Gates as the richest man on earth. True to that, he has held the top spot for years. What is his true value? Read on to find the estimated net worth of Bill Gates.

Did You Know How Much is the Net Worth of Bill GWates?

What’s the net worth of Bill Gates?

Bill William Henry Gates III was born to a former lawyer William H. Gates Snr and Mary Maxwell gates on October 28, 1955. The second child and only boy in a family of three, Bill ill has two sisters Kristi and Libby.

Living in Seattle, Washington, the Gate’s family encouraged competition from a young age and they groomed Bill to venture into law.

His education kicked off at Lakeside School where he encountered the first computer. He was amazed at how these machines could follow instructions correctly and by 13, he wrote his first line of code.

The simple program allowed users of the computer to play tic-tac-toe on it. He got hooked. He later went on to write various codes and exploiting faults in computers at the school to earn a suspension. Luckily, he graduated in 1973 and enrolled at Harvard law school with a side major in computer science. The latter caught the better of him; an enthusiastic programmer, alongside Paul Allen, they cut short their studies at Harvard to venture into tech.

They got a contract to write an operating system for IBM. This was later renamed Microsoft and that is how Microsoft came to being in 1975.

Did You Know How Much is the Net Worth of Bill GWates?

Microsoft co-founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates pose by a dot-matrix printer

The first program to run on a PC, Microsoft took tremendous leaps to be a worldwide success. This meant the net worth of Bill Gates was elevated to the Billionaire level such that by the age of 31, Bill became the youngest billionaire.

Years later in 1995, he wrote his name as the world’s wealthiest man.

He has held the top spot for 18 years over the past two decades. Out of those, he ruled the rich world for 4 consecutive years ending 2017.

How much is the net worth of Bill Gates?

Being the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill served as its CEO seeing it through to the dawn of millennium when he stepped down to serve as the company’s chairman. This coincided with his venture into philanthropy.

Did You Know How Much is the Net Worth of Bill GWates?

Bill and Melinda Gates

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Together with his wife, Melinda Gates, they formed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A charitable organization that they run in an effort to kick polio and malaria out of humanity.

His philanthropic goals have seen him co-partner with Warren Buffet, a fellow billionaire to form a following of encouraging billionaires to give back to the community. At least half of what they are worth through The Giving Pledge.

What is the net worth of Bill Gates in 2017?

Bill gates have topped the rich list for a while now and typical of individuals, we can only estimate how much they are worth.

Online shop mogul Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon knocked Bill off the top spot in 2018 to stand tall at $108 billion. Following at the second spot is Bill Gates with the current net worth of $ 93 billion.

In pursuit of philanthropy, Bill resigned from his Chairmanship at Microsoft to focus more on his philanthropic organization in 2014. He, however, did not compromise his spot as a board member of Microsoft.

His mainstream earnings come from the investments he makes through his for-profit organization; Cascade investments and shares from his Microsoft Company. This puts the net worth of Bill Gates by Forbes to occupy the realm of the rich as of 2017 at $89 billion.

Did You Know How Much is the Net Worth of Bill GWates?

Bill, his wife and children

Bill has adopted a low life living with his family in their mansion in Washington.

He promises to give his wealth to the poor as it belongs to them. His children Phoebe, Rory and Jennifer are, however, to charter their own paths to success following quality education.




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