Who owns Whatsapp? You'll never believe!

Who owns Whatsapp? You'll never believe!

You have probably heard of people talking about whatsapp. If you have a smart phone you probably should install whatsapp if you haven’t done so already. For those who are asking what whatsapp is and who owns it, well this is the place where you find your answer.

Who owns Whatsapp? You'll never believe!

Who owns Whatsapp Company?

Whatsapp is a messaging platform that is available for all smart phones. As opposed to the way we are accustomed to passing messages through the phone (through SMS services) whatsapp provides a different approach which is more convenient and even cheaper.

When using whatsapp, you are able to send text messages, pictures, and videos and even call someone through Wi-fi or any other method you are using to access the internet. Simply put, you are able to send messages to different people via the internet. It is cheap and fast.

It has several features that make it interesting to use. It has, among other things, a group chat feature that enables different people to interact on a single platform. It also enables users to confirm whether messages sent have been received as intended through the use of two ticks.

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Before you get the answer as to who owns whatsapp Inc., you must first know how whatsapp started

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The origin of Whatsapp

Whatsapp can trace its roots back to the year 2009. It was an invention of two individuals who left their work at Yahoo after they felt unsatisfied and disillusioned with the direction the company was headed to.

Who owns Whatsapp? You'll never believe!
Brian Acton and Jan Koum, founders of whatsapp.

The thing that made this possible was the step apple took to start their app store. Immediately, the two started working on an app and came up with whatsapp. The idea was fully realized when apple updated its app services by coming up with the push notifications feature. They realized that this feature made their status updates to be sent to all their friends.

Whatsapp would then be turned to an instant message application. They made improvements to the app by going further and enabling persons to also send pictures using the app.

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Who owns whatsapp?

So who owns whatsapp now? After whatsapps’ success, there was always going to be that one person or organization that shows interest in it. This was due to the fact that whatsapp was and still is a widely used service with millions of active users all over the world. In this case, Facebook was that organization that showed interest. And it was in a very BIG way. In 2014 Facebook managed to acquire whatsapp by offering a whopping 19 billion dollars for the franchise.

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