NSS Pin Code 2020: how to obtain

NSS Pin Code 2020: how to obtain

The National Service Scheme mostly known as the NSS provides newly and qualified graduates in Ghana with the opportunity to be exposed in terms of job opportunities. This is part of their duty for the state, and it applies to both the private and public sector where they are required to get their NSS pin code. The NSS pin code was done towards the end of last year and the public was notified to check their applications on the National Service Posting.

Nss Pin Code 2017/2018

Obtaining your pin could be a simple process as long as you follow the simple procedure that has been put below.

NSS application for pin code

  • Under the application menu, click on my NSS pin code
  • To retrieve the pin ode, insert your school ID number or school index number.

For the registration procedure, you first need to visit the Agricultural Development Bank where you will pay a fee, for registration. During the registration process, a passport size photo is necessary. Afterwards visit www.nss.gov.gh and follow the procedures below.

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Nss Pin Code 2017/2018
  1. The size of passport photo required is approximately 3.5 to 4.5 though it’s not a guarantee.
  2. Click on the new enrollment tab.
  3. There is a place where you are required to enter your school index number, and your pin number. These steps are necessary for nss pin code and they should be followed to the latter.
  4. Ensure the pin number is correct before clicking on the enrolment form, which is the next step.
  5. You will know you have gained access for nss pin code 2017/2018 the moment your details appear on the screen. They will include course pursued, institution attended, and your names.
  6. To avoid the form being rejected, fill out all the provided tabs correctly.
  7. Then pull down in the menu includes all the tabs with triangles on them.
  8. In the situation where you are working, or you are still in school, fill all the required fields appropriately requesting the nearest NSS office to grant you a work or study leave. You can get them on fax though the following number: 03221-769074/772714.

Nss Pin Code 2017/2018

Accessing your pin is also a simple procedure as it involves keying in your NSS number to be redirected to your posting. Afterwards the Nss pin code checker will get you all the information upon submitting your information correctly. Once all the posting information appears, print out two copies and the information should be taken to the regional director for approval.

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