15 signs of cheating in relationships

15 signs of cheating in relationships

Would you know when your partner is cheating in a relationship? The truth of the matter is that it is quite difficult to tell whether your partner is cheating on you or not until you get the pants down. According to marriage counsellors cheating partners are not only good at covering their cheating habits but also denying their actions even when caught right in the cheating act. To avoid future heart breaks resulted from a cheating partner it is always good to be on the look out for signs of cheating in relationships. Most marriage councillors agree that whenever you detect more than six signs of a cheating spouse, then he or she is cheating on you and you don’t need further proof from them to walk away.

15 signs of cheating in relationships

When it comes to relationships and marriage, it’s not always a bed of roses. Even the perfect relationships have their flaws. True as this is, some mistakes are far much off compared to others such as cheating in a relationship. Regardless of your reason, cheating has never been a solution to a failing relationship. If you are in a relationship which is headed to the rocks and you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, the best way before confronting them is to approach them with evidence of the same. The following articles shares 15 tell tale signs you can use to tell that your partner is cheating on you.

What is cheating in relationships?

Before we get to the signs of cheating in a relationship it is important that we answer one critical question pertaining this issues which is, what is cheating in relationships? For a long time, cheating in relationships has mistakenly been confused with having sex outside marriage. While this is true, it is not entirely true. Cheating in a relationship ranges from acts of flattery to engagement in any kinds of sexual contact such as kissing, oral sex, caressing and hugging with a non-partner. This is so as it shows your lack of interest in your relationship. While some people may argue out that a cheating relationship cannot be saved the truth of the matter is that it can if both the parties are committed to saving the relationship in the first place.

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Here are the signs of cheating in relationships that you should be able to detect and correct as fast as you can if you are to save your relationship.

1. Poor/ lack of communication

According to books about cheating in relationships the number clear sign of a cheating partner is failed communication. If you were always free with your partner and you would freely share your deep thoughts and secrets with each other and then all of a sudden this then you have a high reason to suspect your partner of cheating. If he or she is not sharing with you then it only fair to assume that they are sharing these thoughts and secrets with someone else, isn’t it?

Signs of cheating in relationships- poor/lack of communication

2. Suspicious phone activities

Facts about cheating in relationships indicate that the mobile device has a hand when it comes most cheating statistics. If you suspect or notice that your partner does suspicious activities on their phone and they are too cautious to cover their tracks then there is a high possibility that they are cheating on you. single handily the mobile device has been behind most relationship cheating cases than any other technology device. However, before you point an accusing finger on your partner for their dubious phone activities ensure you have the evidence to prove so.

Signs of cheating in relationships- Suspicious phone activities

3. A new hang out friend of the opposite sex

When it comes to this point it all boils down to how well do you know your partner? If all of a sudden your partner gets a new hang out friend of the opposite sex and loves to spend more time with them than with you, then it most certain you getting played and take for a ride at the same time.

4. Always in a hurry and cancel last minute on your plans

A good relationship is founded first on friendship and then love. If the friendship bond does not exists in the first place and your priorities keeps on changing often and in the last minute of your plans then you must be alarmed that your partner is cheating on you.

Signs of cheating in relationships- lways in a hurry and cancel last minute on your plans

5. Blame game

When the blame game kicks in, you don’t need to be told that your partner is cheating on you. The blame game only means two things; first, your partner is extremely critical on whatever they do, secondly, blame game s a defense mechanism for their actions meant to make them feel better by hurting your feelings. Once your partner all of a sudden start the blame game, it is only best that you let them be and abscond from shifting back the blame to them.

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6. The intimacy is lost

Intimacy is the life of any relationship. The moment you start realizing that your partner lacks the intimacy towards you or rather they do not derive pleasure from the things you did together then you justified to blame them for cheating. If they are not getting intimate with you and the worst case is that they seem not to case then they are getting intimate with another person.

Signs of cheating in relationships- The intimacy is lost

7. Never-ending comparisons

If they are comparing you with a person who looks better, earns more or has distinctively attractive personality then be aware that there is trouble in paradise already. Never ending comparisons means that you partners has spent enough time with the other person and fallen in love with their traits.

15 signs of cheating in relationships- Never-ending comparisons

8. Vague explanations

As highlighted above a cheating partner will always be on the lookout to cover his o her tracks. In most situations he or she will try to give explanations and justifications behind their actions. As a sane human being, do not always doubt the explanations, however when they become too frequent and happens during crucial moments such as during date nights, anniversaries, you have all the reasons to suspect your partners for cheating on you.

9. Conflicts

Has conflicts characterized your relationship? If it has then in one way or the other one of the partners is cheating in the relationship. In addition to this, if the most frequently used phrase during the conflicts is always “whatever” instead of working things out and trying to find a common ground for both the parties then this is evident that no party in the relationship is prepared to save the relationship.

15 signs of cheating in relationships- Conflicts

10. Indifference

One of the many indicators of cheating in relationship is indifference. Inasmuch as the truth of the matter is that are no two people are the same apart from identical twins, parties in a relationship always find a common ground in their relationship where they compromise on certain issues. When it gets to the point whereby the parties in the relationship instead of appreciating this fact, starts expounding on it and magnifying the problem, then there is a high likelihood of cheating in the relationship, and you’ll need to watch out.

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11. Pals you never knew existed

When it a relationship, whether dating or marriage, your partners friend’s are your friends and the reverse. Suddenly when you here of new friends you aren’t aware of and you are not invited to hang out with them, you should be alarmed of that your relationship is headed to the rocks and your partner might be cheating on you with their new found friends.

12. Spends more time with others

This is a clear tell-tale sign that you are disinterested in your current relationship. Spending more time outside your relationship combined with other factors might leave your partner with enough reasons not to doubt that you are cheating on them.

15 signs of cheating in relationships-Spends more time with others

13. Your Instincts

In know these may sound absurd however when it comes to your relationship you always have the sixth sense; your instincts. In most cases instincts always come as a result of a previous situation in the relationship. If your gut feeling tell you that your partner is cheat8ng on you again, do not overlook it, however you also should not blow things out of proportions. Try and get to the bottom of everything before you confront them with evidence.

14. Anxiety

Anxiety is also a common sign in most cheating relationship. A cheating partner is always on the lookout to cover their tracks, and this only leaves them drained both emotionally and physically. Don’t be fooled always by their reason of feeling tired more so if their career is not so much demanding.

15. They give you reasons to doubt them

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, a cheating partner might give you cues that they are cheating on you. This can be verbal or through their actions. Don’t dismiss them, everything counts! If you suspect that your partner is cheating it is important that you get to the bottom of it and save yourself the anguish before it gets out of hand.

15 signs of cheating in relationships

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Consequences of cheating in relationships

Regardless of your reasons for cheating in relationships, there are no justifiable reasons for this act. In addition to this, the consequences of cheating in relationships are always dire, from complicated diseases to emotional and physical damage you are at high of exposing yourself and your partner to such.

Since we are open to the fact that no relationship is always perfect, we also realize and appreciate the fact that cheating has never been the solution to any cheating relationship. Scholar and marriage therapists have come up with questions about cheating in relationships and their solutions that when you go through them will help you save your rocky relationship for the better. However, for all the efforts to make sense, both parties should be willing and ready to make things work. Importantly the offended party in the relationship should be willing to forgive and turn on a new leaf in their relationship.

May our 15 signs of cheating in relationships be your guide to building and cementing a healthy relationship with your better half in 2018!

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