Knust Admission 2017/2018

Knust Admission 2017/2018

In pursuit, if knowledge, it is wise for you to enrol in the best institutions. Luckily, Ghanaians don’t have to worry about getting the best university with the presence of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology at their disposal. However, getting Knust admission has been regulated only to get the best among the prospective candidates. Aside from getting the right grades, you have to ensure that you have the right information on how to get admission into Knust.

Knust Admission 2017/2018

Getting admission at Knust 2017/2018 is dependent on your ability to make it into their admission list. This will, however, happen if you get information on the right time. The following information will prove helpful when looking for admission opportunity into Knust.

knust admission list

Knust admission list contains the names of those applicants who have successfully qualified to pursue a course of their choice in Knust. This applies to both the undergraduate and postgraduate applicants. The Knust postgraduate admissions list, however, comes separate from the Knust undergraduate admission list, in spite of the similarity in the time of their release. For you to make any of this list, you have to meet the minimum requirements set by the Knust. This will ensure that only those who deserve the chance get to exploit it. Once you are listed, you get provisional admission into the university and later fully admitted.

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You can check Knust admission list online by following the steps below:

• Visit, which is Knust's admission checker portal

• On the portal, you will choose the admission list of your choice (i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate)

• To gain access to your Knust admission information, you will either enter your surname and click the “search button” or choose your course.

• Alternatively, you can log into your account to check your status by clicking on the “login” command

Knust admission list 2017 is already up. You can follow the steps above to access the list and know your admission status.

Knust Admission 2017/2018

Knust Admission Requirement

It is important that all prospective candidates learn all the admission requirements so that they can increase their likelihood of being admitted into Knust. One of the most crucial requirements that you have to meet is Knust admission cut off point. These points are, however, put based on the course. Visit Knust portal to know the cut off points of a course of your choice. In addition to this, all courses have their specific minimum requirements for you to be eligible. To fully understand the specific requirements needed for you to be admitted for a given course, follow the tips below:

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• Visit

• Choose category of your choice (i.e. undergraduate - Ghanaian, postgraduate Ghanaian, distance learning )

• Click on “cut off point” command.

knust admission forms 2018

It is important for you to get the Knust admission forms so that you can apply for admission into the institution. Knust admissions forms 2018 are put into various categories as listed below:

• Law – Knust law admission forms

• Postgraduate - Knust postgraduate admission forms

• Sandwich – Knust sandwich admission forms

• International students – Knust international admission forms

• Distance education – Knust distance education admission forms

• Undergraduate – Knust undergraduate admission forms

This makes the job of finding an admission form of your interest, fast and easy.

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