Upcoming Holidays in Ghana 2018

Upcoming Holidays in Ghana 2018

Holidays are an important aspect in every set up, they give time for people to relax, unwind and re-energize for the tasks ahead. While not all holidays have a meaning tied to their existence, national holidays always have a matter of national interest that influences their formation and thus their annual celebration.

Upcoming Holidays in Ghana 2018

Whenever a holiday is declared national by law, every single citizen in that country is expected to participate. It’s a freedom that not even an employer or the school administration can take away from you. School holidays in Ghana are also compulsory for every education institution despite its ownership. While holidays can help people plan on what to do to cover the days they are not working (besides the actual celebration), prior knowledge on when these holidays occur can come in handy.

Outlined school holidays in Ghana

Besides the republic holidays in Ghana, The Ghana Education Services has produced a calendar to guide all the school programs within this country. The current academic year began in 2017.Pupils would be in school for 14 weeks before the Christmas break on December 14th.The vacation lasted up to 8th Janaury.The second term commenced on January 9th to April 12,2018.The school holidays in Ghana 2018 will run from April13th to May 7th.Its within this period that the Easter holidays happen.

Students resume school from May 8th to July 26th for the third and final term. It shall be a 12 week programme upon whose completion qualified students move to the next class and a fresh academic year.

The school curriculum gives way to upcoming holidays in Ghana as they go. It’s a requirement that everyone rests on public holidays, expect for a few basic businesses like pharmacies and convenient stores.

Holidays in Ghana calendar

There are 13 public holidays in Ghana that are recognized and celebrated. The dates of these celebrations change every so often and the government has to provide the dates to be used in the following year at the end of the previous one. It’s a requirement that all employers give a paid off day to their employees. If a given holiday falls over the weekend, the following Monday is declared a public holiday. This point confuses some people and the rare long weekends make them wonder how many holidays in Ghana.

Holidays in Ghana 2018 – Meanings and actual dates 2018

1st January - New year celebrations

This is an international celebration where the whole world celebrates making it into a New Year safe. In Ghana it’s characterized by having family get together and making merry. This date doesn’t change.

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6th March - Independence Day

This is the most important of the national holidays in Ghana. It’s the day the republic celebrates the day they acquired independence from the British, characterized by public gatherings and loyalty speeches. The president addresses the nation on Independence Day.

Upcoming Holidays in Ghana 2018

March or April; Good Friday or Easter Monday holidays

With the larger Ghana population being Christians, this day was announced a public holiday. The days change depending on the current year’s calendar so people wait to hear of the new dates from the government.

May 1st; labour day

On this day, the whole world celebrates its working citizens for the good work by giving them a day off. It is recognized internationally and Ghana is not left out.

May 25th; Africa day

Celebrated in various African countries as well, this day is used to commemorate the founding of the organization of Africa Unity.Previously, Ghanaians referred to it as African Freedom Day.

July 1st; republic day

On a similar day in 1960, Ghana was proclaimed a republic under Kwame Nkrumah as the prime minister. The date has since been celebrated every year.

21st September – Founder’s day

This day is dedicated to Kwame Nkrumah, the man that so selflessly fought for the independence of Ghana. It’s a holiday that demonstrates the unending gratefulness of his people.

The first Friday every December – Farmer’s day

Introduced by the ministry of food and Agriculture, this day is specially set by Ghana to honor its farmers. Ghana is well known for its robust agricultural sector .It was so thoughtful of the Ghanaian government to celebrate the people that bring the country this fame.

25th December – Christmas day

This is by far the most anticipated of the holidays of Ghana and the world at large. The festive mood that characterizes this day is felt internationally. It is a Christian celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ. Variable Islamic

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Eid al-Fitr - This is a celebration that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadhan.It breaks the long fast for the Muslim population.

The feast of the sacrifice – is another Islamic celebration where Muslims celebrate Abraham’s obedience in sacrificing his son. It’s a day of feasting and praising Allah

These two Islamic celebrations are international and are thus celebrated in line with the religious calendar.

Public holidays are important as they identify the unique happenings that bind the diverse people of a country together. They cement the common origin and preserve stories only relatable to the country in question. National holidays are symbols of national unity.

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