Apology to Mills 'forced out of me' – Amidu

Apology to Mills 'forced out of me' – Amidu

- Martin Amidu has said his letter of apology to late President John Evans Atta Mills in 2012 was forced out of him

- Mr Amidu made the revelation during his vetting for the Special Prosecutor position

Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Amidu, has controversially claimed that he was forced into writing an apology letter to the late President Mills after being dismissed as Attorney General.

Mr. Amidu was on a collision course with the late Mills after accusing the then government of covering up certain corrupt acts.

Apology to Mills 'forced out of me' – Amidu

Apology to Mills 'forced out of me' – Amidu

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His misunderstandings with the then government led to his dismissal as Attorney-General in 2012, amid much controversy.

Surprisingly, Mr. Amidu later wrote a letter to the late Mills apologizing for his conduct in the whole matter.

However, speaking before Parliament’s Vetting Committee, the Special Prosecutor nominee has disclosed that he was coerced into writing that apology letter.

According to him, the letter of apology was obtained from him by the late Kofi Awunnor, who was then the Chairman of the Council of State, together with Captain Kojo Tsikata.

He explained the only reason why he obliged the “elderly” duo was because of the values from his northern culture, which always considers the view of an elderly as always right, even if the young one is right.

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They [Awoonor and Tsikata (rtd)] asked me to write this letter and I’ve said it, Captain Tsikata is alive, and when Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu called me and said they wanted this letter, I told him they could sack me, but when the two of them asked me to write this letter, the first letter didn’t have Captain Tsikata’s name, my secretary, Perpetual Alatsane, who is still working, sent it to Kofi Awoonor’s office, then he added the Tsikata and when he brought it, the girl typed it and added the name,” Mr. Amidu said.

It was procured by the chairman of the Council of State, who said he was meeting the president that day and that he and Captain [Tsikata (rtd)] were going to the president to present it to him and that they had had certain discussions.

At the back of my mind, I knew that they were just looking for evidence of an apology to do what they wanted to do but my custom respects age; I’ve worked with these people since 1982, so, I gave them the letter, how come that a confidential letter delivered by the chairman of the council of state to the president is now making the rounds.

He added: “But I have already replied to this letter and stated what I’m telling you here today that it was procured from me by two elders who convinced me that this was not a matter; ‘just give us the letter and we’ll send it’. So, I wrote it. In any case, for me, I don’t see anything wrong when a young person has had a misunderstanding with an elder – somebody who has been his friend for over 35 years – and who invites him: ‘Come and help me’, and there is a breakdown of trust. Just one day, 13th, Sir Bebaako-Mensah, is alive, until the 13th, the president and myself have never had a problem, so, if we had a problem and he is older than me, in northern custom no young man is right, if I’m telling lies tell me.

Even when you are right, you meet elders, you apologise, when you go out then they tell the man: ‘You are wrong, we just have to let him apologise’, that is what this letter means, you are a northerner, you know that,” he said.

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