10 Best Guest Houses in Accra and their Prices

10 Best Guest Houses in Accra and their Prices

Sometimes it is impossible to stay in Accra without having to get a guest house to spend the night in. You could be caught up with business that it is impossible to get back home. It is even more serious for international business persons that have to be around for a few days before they summarize their stay. Regardless of what your reason for hanging around is, choosing the right guesthouse to accommodate your stay is crucial. Consider the following.

10 Best Guest Houses in Accra and their Prices

When looking for a guesthouse in any part of the world your aim is to find a place that you can stay in. Choose a guest house that has the basic facilities you are interested in. Consider hygiene and also make sure that you can afford it. Heck out the following top ten guest houses in Accra. You may just find what you are looking for.

Cheap guest houses in Accra- Guest houses in Accra and their prices

It is just not enough to find a guest house in Accra that you can live in. It is also crucial that you find a guest house that you can afford to pay for while living comfortably. Fortunately most of the guest houses in Accra are affordable and within reach. Some of these guesthouses include the following.

1. W Life Guest house

This guest house offers accommodations that are comfortable for the tenants. Each room in the guest house is fitted with a flat screen TV and an air conditioner to help increase the convenience of the guests. What’s more it is available at an affordable rate and free parking is available for guests that have vehicles.

2. East Legon Guest House

This is one of the most trusted guest houses in Accra Ghana. Guests prefer visiting it for a number of reasons top among them being that it offers free Wi-Fi and ample space to offer free parking. You also have the convenience of attending the on-site bar thus saving you the trouble of having to go through when trying to locate a new bar to enjoy your evenings at.

3. UDS guest house in Accra

If you are worried about your safety then this is the perfect guesthouse for you. The guest house is near a police post which makes it one of the safest guest houses to be at when you are in Ghana.

4. Marretes international private villa

This is one of those guest houses that is located a small distance from Dzorwulu. The state of the art rooms are well furnished with the air conditioned rooms guaranteeing the best conditions for all visiting guests.

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5. Classic guest house

This is one of the most exquisite guest houses in Ghana. It has some of the most modern features including air conditioner, on-site restaurant and private parking. These features are most attractive to guests who may be looking for a package that fits all their needs.

10 Best Guest Houses in Accra and their Prices

Guest houses in Madina Accra

6. Sir Bee Guest House

This is located in Accra and charges a rate of 40 dollars for its services. It has free Wi-Fi access and each room comes with provision for air conditioning. It also has a dining table.

Guest houses in Accra central

7. Akapulko guest house Legon

This guest house is located in a serene environment that could be idea for guests that are looking to have an easy time. It is one of those guest houses that you would be comfortable joining seeing as to how it has constant supply of electricity and water. In addition to their large rooms, this guest house boosts of ample parking space which is availed to the guests freely as well as Wi-Fi connection at no extra cost.

Guest houses in Accra near airport

10 Best Guest Houses in Accra and their Prices

8. Hill view hotel west airport

This guesthouse features a restaurant and a bar. It also offers a private parking space for its guests free of charge. In each room there is an air conditioner, a TV and a small fridge. These facilities are all meant to improve the lifestyle of the visiting guest.

9. Agoo hostel

This is one of the top rated guests house in Accra. With all its excellent facilities, this guest house is likely to go for about 107 dollars a night. You may be intimidated with the prices especially when you know that you can get a deal of 12 dollars a night. However, you need to remember that if you are willing to experience quality then you should be ready to pay more.

10. Tropical Nectar Guest House

This is a guest house that is rated among the best in Accra for having excellent amenities. You can get a private serviced room at an affordable cost of 29 dollars a night. This gives you access to a private bathroom and a self-serviced kitchen. You also get access to a generator and constant water supply.

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Regardless of what kind of guest house you are looking for in Ghana, there will always be something to fit your needs and budget. You should never be stranded in Accra just because you have business to attend to for a while. In fact you are already spoilt for choice and you need to take advantage of the great variety and bargains.

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