Top 10 Facts About Donald Trump's Wife

Top 10 Facts About Donald Trump's Wife

The name of Donald Trump’s wife is Melania Trump. She really has tried to keep herself off the limelight, as compared to her husband. Many know her for the high taste of fashion she has ranging from the clothes and jewelry she wears.

Top 10 Facts About Donald Trump's Wife

Many people however do not know some of the basic things that make the First Lady different from others.

We have compiled a list of 10 facts about Donald Trump’s wife that many people do not know;

She was an immigrant

The First Lady was born in 1970, in Novo Mesto in Slovenia. She was named Melanija Knavs. She is also the second First Lady of America who hails from a different country. Her father was a car and motorcycle dealer while her mother was a tailor at a child clothing manufacturing firm. She lived in a humble home where she joined the University of Ljublijana where she studied architecture and design.

She was a model

Her modeling career began early when she was still young. At sixteen years of age, she was featured in commercials handled by the best Slovenian Photographer who developed her career further after seeing her potential. She continued working hard in her modeling career.

Two years later, she made a major breakthrough in her modeling career after she signed with an Italian agency. She was runners up during a modeling contest where she was awarded with an international modeling contract. She worked in Paris and later moved to the U.S. where she worked for modeling companies.

Top 10 Facts About Donald Trump's Wife

She is multi-lingual

You have probably heard her speak during the campaigns. Her unique accented English has really caught the attention of many. She is also talented when it comes to speaking French, Serbian, German and her native language Slovenian. She also teaches her children to speak in other languages especially French and Slovenian.

She studied architecture and design

During her early life, she studied architecture and design at the University of Ljubljana. She was motivated by her mother who used to be a pattern maker at a manufacturing firm. But she later dropped out to pursue her modeling career.

Owner of jewelry and skincare lines

She had launched a line of jewelry and watches that had her name engraved in them. She also had launched a skincare line that had many skincare products. Unfortunately, due to managerial problems the products were not able to reach the market. The products were on high demand even before the products were availed to the public.

She has a strong personality

She is a strong believer in herself. She does not let the pressure of being a First Lady get to her. Her decision to remain in New York rather than settle in the White House is one proof that she does not follow the societal expectations that has fallen on her. Donald Trump’s wife Instagram handle is usually active with close to 2 million followers.

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Top 10 Facts About Donald Trump's Wife

She is the Second Foreign First Lady

She is the second foreign First Lady in all of the American history. She was born in Slovenian and later pursued her modelling career in Italy. She won an international modelling contract and moved to Paris. In 1996, she relocated in the U.S where she worked for top modelling companies.

She was an actress

After relocating to the U.S, while pursuing her modeling career she secured a slot for acting. She made a cameo in the movie ‘Zoolander’ which premiered in 2001. Since then she has not been involved in acting again.

She appeared in commercials

In 2005 she appeared in the famous commercial where a crazy scientist switched her brain with the brain of the company’s duck. The commercial was viewed by many people, little did they know they were staring at the future First Lady.

Top 10 Facts About Donald Trump's Wife

She loves music

Her love for music was shown when she attended Elton John’s concert. She also hosted Elton John, Billy Joel and Paul Anka during her wedding with Donald Trump in 2005. Although Donald Trump and wife share different tastes in music.

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