Vodafone Ghana short codes for internet settings

Vodafone Ghana short codes for internet settings

Vodafone is one of the most established mobile networks in Ghana. The mobile operator hosts a huge number of Ghanaians. In case you are new to the network it will be hard to navigate around. It requires a person with knowledge about how the network operates.

Vodafone Ghana short codes for internet settings

.For example, you have been offered a gift bundle but you do not know how to retrieve them. Or when you are trying to subscribe to an item.

Vodafone Short Codes in Ghana.

This is where Vodafone short codes come in. The Vodafone Ghana short codes give you a short cut in accessing the services of the mobile operator. They are an alternative way to access coupons, promotions, offers and gift bundles. Instead of regularly subscribing to a certain service, short codes for Vodafone Ghana have an auto-renew option.

We have gathered a list of Vodafone Ghana short codes that will definitely come in handy:

Learn how to transfer Vodafone data bundle without stress

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Vodafone Ghana Internet bundle short codes

In case you are stranded with trying to subscribe to an internet bundle on Vodafone Ghana, no need to worry. Just dial *700# on your phone. You will have access to the data bundle menu. You will be given options such as daily, weekly and monthly data bundles. You can subscribe to any of your convenience.

Vodafone Ghana short codes for internet settings

In case you want to check your Vodafone internet data bundle balance you can dial *111*2*2#. The same is applied for customers using the Vodafone GPRS, Vodafone 2G and Vodafone 3G/4G. You can also check your data bundle balance by dialing *126#.

Vodafone Ghana Customer Care Short Code.

In case you are confused about the services offered by Vodafone, you can choose to ask their customer care platform by dialing 100. You will be directed to state the nature of your emergency. They will offer you convenient means to go around your problem. The customer case systems work 24/7 daily to give your assistance. In case you have purchased airtime and want to load it on your phone, dial *134*PIN#. In order to check your balance dial *124#.

How to register for Vodafone Cash

There are instances when you need to send a friend credit from your phone to their phone. You can easily dial *516# and transfer credit from your number to your friend’s number in an instant. Or they can alternatively borrow credit by dialing *505#.

Vodafone Ghana short codes for internet settings

There are also some other short codes that can come in handy at some point. You can dial *200# in order to view the crazy offers on Vodafone Red. If you are not accustomed to your mobile number, you can just easily dial *127# and check your own number.

All voice mail messages can be retrieved by dialing 109. For news fanatics, you can subscribe by dialing *127*11# and get news alerts direct to your phone immediately they happen. If you want to view all the information relating to Vodafone products and services. New customers can also dial *400# to check if they have been officially registered to the mobile operator. You can also check the Vodafone talk time balance by dialing *141# or *111#.

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