How to Calculate Bmi - Bmi Formula for Males and Females

How to Calculate Bmi - Bmi Formula for Males and Females

The body mass index helps in estimations of a person’s general health. It is an indicator that helps to identify if an individual is underweight, over weight, or normal. An underweight person is not healthy because they have less weight compared to the height.

How to Calculate Bmi - Bmi Formula for Males and Females

The bmi varies for men and women, because men generally have more mass than women. This is because of the muscle weight that men exhibit. So, generally, a slender man is likely to have more weight than a slender woman. Calculating bmi has been made easier and it is mandatory to know your bmi. People with a very large body mass index are susceptible to diseases like heart disease, hypertension, obesity and other chronic diseases. Too much fat is not good for the body that’s why calculating body mass index is important. Also, a person who is underweight has a weaker immune system and is likely to suffer from diseases that are accompanied by under nutrition such as protein energy malnutrition. It is therefore recommended that a person takes enough nutrients and maintains a normal body mass index for a healthy lifestyle.

How to calculate bmi in kg

There are two major measurements that are required. One is the weight and the other is the height. The weight is measured using a scale where a person stands and their weight is taken. Then the height is also measured. There are scales that are used, that automatically measure both your weight and height and calculate your bmi. However, if you do not have one, worry not because you can calculate it manually.

How to calculate bmi formula

The formula is weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared

  • Get your weight in kilograms, let’s say that your weight is 55kilograms
  • Measure your height in meters let’s say that your height is 1.5 meters
  • Divide the weight by height squared
  • 55/1.5sq the answer is 24.4


How to Calculate Bmi - Bmi Formula for Males and Females

Below are measures of bmi


If the bmi is between these two measure then the person is said to be normal. In the above case, the individual is normal

Below 18.5

If your body mass index falls below 18.5 it means that you are underweight and hence not healthy

Above 25.0

If your bmi is above 25.0 you are said to be overweight. This is a wake up call and you need to work out because you are sceptible to heart diseases.

Above 30

If your bmi goes above 30, you are obese. This means that your weight is too much. This is not healthy at all and a person should get immediate check up.

How to calculate bmi in spss

When using spss, follow the following instructions

  • Convert the units from feet to meters
  • Add the weight and height respectively
  • Click okay to compute

You will have calculated the bmi

How to Calculate Bmi - Bmi Formula for Males and Females

How to calculate bmi for a child

For children who can stand, their bmi is different from that of adults. This is because there is a specific chart that indicates the body mass index for children. To get your child’s BMI, measure his or her weight in kilograms and divide by height in meters squared and multiply by 703. Then use the BMI chart for children in order to indentify if your child is underweight, normal or overweight.

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