How to Delete my Facebook Account Permanently

How to Delete my Facebook Account Permanently

Let’s try and answer the question ‘how to delete my Facebook account’. First off, what is Facebook? Facebook came and revolutionized how people communicate, share memories and stories; and how we generally look at life.

How to Delete my Facebook Account Permanently

The world is now a small community since challenges such as communication barriers have been removed and people from different parts of the world can now share experiences more easily.

The reasons why people want to get rid of their Facebook accounts vary. It reaches that point where it now becomes so uncomfortable being in the social space that you decide to live your life out of it. The different reasons given are;

  • privacy issues or concerns
  • Facebook acts as a destruction
  • You may opt to halt social media addiction before it becomes a problem
  • You may generally be disinterested in social media. Maybe you were just trying it out.

How to delete my Facebook account temporarily

I will give insight on ‘how to delete my Facebook account temporarily’. Sometimes you prefer to deactivate your Facebook account for a period of time, an example is a situation where you are in school in your final year of study and you would like to concentrate on studies, and eventually re-activate it when you want to or feel comfortable doing so.

How to Delete my Facebook Account Permanently

To delete your Facebook account temporarily you;

  1. Go to the top right of the Facebook page
  2. look for the downward facing arrow
  3. Proceed to click on the icon
  4. Then after it has opened, look for the word ‘settings’ and tap on it
  5. If you look closely on the left column, you will see ‘security’. That is where you want to go now.
  6. You will discover a part written ‘Deactivate your account’. That is your icon. Click on it. Follow the steps carefully if your account is to be successfully deactivated.

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Some people might want to know; how to deactivate my Facebook account on mobile. Others might be interested in knowing how to delete my Facebook account on android. These two questions have a similar answer, meaning you use the same process;

  1. Launch your Facebook app and proceed with the usual process of logging in.
  2. At the topmost right side you will discover an icon with horizontal lines. That is where you tap.
  3. Proceed by looking for ‘Help & setting’ section. Tap on it.
  4. Once it has opened, you will see the ‘Account Settings’ section. Tap on it
  5. Proceed to tap on the ‘General’ con
  6. You will find a ‘Deactivate’ icon. Tap on it. It has instructions to be followed for the process to be successful

To reactivate your account, open Facebook login menu, login as usual using your email and the last password you were using before deactivation. Viola, you are back on Facebook!

How to Delete my Facebook Account Permanently

How to delete my Facebook account completely.

One may be curious to find out the possibility of permanently deleting their Facebook account. If you are of the opinion that Facebook is not a platform you wish to be part of, you have an option of completely deactivating your account and all the data such as pictures and messages you had saved in the platform. In case you decide on this path, it will be impossible to ever re-activate and in turn retrieve the information you had saved or shared. Below are step by step guidelines on how to delete your Facebook account completely;

  1. Find the downward facing arrow at the top right of your Facebook menu and tap on it.
  2. Proceed with choosing the ‘settings’ command
  3. Proceed to the bottom part of the page you just opened and you will discover instructions indicated ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’
  4. Go to this link and click ‘delete my account’

It may take up to 90 days for Facebook to completely wipe out all the data in your Facebook account.

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