Youth employment agency recruitment 2020

Youth employment agency recruitment 2020

The youth employment agency was founded in 2015. It was formed under the youth employment act and the main reason for its establishment is to train the youths of between 15-35 years and help them to acquire various knowledge and skills that will contribute to the general improvement of the country. Read on for more details.

Youth employment agency recruitment 2017 - 2018

The youth employment agency is among the best youth empowerment programs in Africa. This has been achieved through offering integrated programs and advancing the curriculum. By the year 2012, approximately 600,000 youths got jobs through this agency. The needs of the economy keep on growing and so does the needs of the students. This agency provides programs on trade, security and vocational courses in order to help the youths to have a livelihood out o them.

Youth employment agency recruitment.

The recruitment process takes time, and normally once they are open for recruitment, they announce on radio stations and televisions. For more details, you can visit the youth employment agency offices at the right ground floor, liberation towers along castle road in Accra.

Most people mostly ask, how to apply for the youth employment agency. They must follow the below procedure.

Youth employment agency recruitment 2017 - 2018

Youth employment agency registration.

First you must fulfill the recommended age in accordance to the course you want to take. Women are mostly encouraged to participate because in the recent years, men were more dominant in the agency. Another requirement is to be a Ghanaian citizen and show proof of the identification card.

The youth employment agency was specifically formed to benefit the Ghanaians for the growth of the nation. There is a period of training that starts before a person starts to get paid permanently. While looking for the recruitment dates be aware of the scammers who change the dates and post on social media. The best source of information is the television, newspapers or the radio.

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Youth employment program application process is very easy. Log in to and print out the online application form. After that, attach a valid passport photo, national identification copy and your contacts. After filling it out appropriately drop the form at the district office of the youth employment agency.

Youth employment agency recruitment 2017 - 2018

To know that you are shortlisted for the recruitment, the agency contacts the applicants and gives them a specific date for the interview. If not you will not receive a call. Also if you have applied it is important to check the websites for new developments in order to confirm if people have been shortlisted or not.

The youth employment agency is dedicated to increase the job openings for youths in Ghana. Youth employment has been a major challenge and a solid solution was found with the employment agency. The national youth employment agency Ghana is committed to providing expertise on various course even for people with lower grades at the WASSCE. It also guarantees jobs for all its students.

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