How to Check your Glo Number in Ghana

How to Check your Glo Number in Ghana

Globacom Limited (GLO) is a mobile network service provider that took interest in the Ghanaian market in the year 2008. Since then, it has purposed to provide top notch services to the people in Ghana. Globacom provides reliability and competitiveness that has over the time seen them reward their customers with frequent bonuses and improved data and call rate plans.

How to Check your Glo Number in Ghana

In addition to these services, Globacom limited has also made it easier for customers to check their Glo mobile number on phone using very easy and understandable procedures. The process is short and also so simple. If you want to know how to check your glow number, have a read and I assure you it will be worth your while.

How to know your Glo number

You must be wondering, 'how do you get to know my Glo sim number?' For you to be able to check your Glo sim number, you must first be in possession of your sim card. You can buy a card at any authorized dealer and after it has been registered you will receive a confirmation of the registration. The confirmation SMS will contain your Glo sim number.

How to check Glo number after registration

Are you looking for information on how to know your Glo number in Ghana?, then look no further. After registration you may want to check your Glo mobile number to confirm. A situation may present itself where maybe you’ve forgotten your number and would want to memorize it or give someone. If for whatever reason you decide to check your number, you should first know the short code that has been provided by Glo for the sole purpose of number checking.

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How to Check your Glo Number in Ghana

How to check Glo number on phone using shortcode

Short codes have been used by mobile network providers as a means of easing the process of looking for vital information that you may need from them. The short code to check Glo number on phone is 1244. For it to work, it must be input on the phone bearing the Glo sim card whose number you wish to check as *1244 #. Once you input that short code, proceed to dialing the code. After you are done, your number will appear on the screen.

Because Glo is such a widely used network, it is therefore no surprise that it is used by people with different types of phones. This is an important observation that Glo made and they had to come up with other short codes which ensured that all phones would be able to help a user remotely check their Glo phone number.

How to Check your Glo Number in Ghana

The other alternative shortcode is *135*8 # and *777 #. If the first one, which is the most commonly used one, does not work on your phone, then use either of the other two.

One thing to note is that, the numbers that will be displayed on the screen will have two combined parts;

  • The country code( the Ghanaian country code is +234)
  • The Glo number

So, in case you have a Glo sim card and you wanted to check your number, it is as simple as explained above.

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