Best Christian Family Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

Best Christian Family Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

There is nothing satisfying in the world like having a family that fears God. A prayer of thanksgiving is very important. Through prayer you show gratitude to the creator for giving you life.

Best Christian Family Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

There so many things you can thank God for from the breathe you take, being healthy, every part of the body you have, and for giving you a wonderful family.

Prayer of thanksgiving in the Bible

A prayer of thanksgiving in the Bible is there to encourage you to show gratitude for what God has done for you. Many Christians have a habit of praying during difficult moments and once God answers their prayers, there forget to say thank you.

Prayers for thanksgiving Bible verse

Best Christian Family Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

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Here are the Bible verses with prayers for thanksgiving that will inspire you to always be thankful to God. Appreciate what you have because others lack it and they live to cry onto God. Your family is a great blessing to you, be thankful because others are in the street. This article gives only a few verses of thanksgiving with interpretation.

2nd Corinthians 9:11; God will enrich you so that you can glorify and give thanks to him.
Jeremiah 30:19; those who give thanksgiving to God, their living days will be added and they will be honored.
2nd Corinthians 4:15; God will benefit his people so that they live to glorify him.

Prayer for Thanksgiving and Praise

Here is a prayer with thanksgiving for a Christian family. It guides you on how to give gratitude to God.

Our almighty father, my family comes before you to give gratitude for what you have done for us and what you are planning to do for us. We humble ourselves because we know that we are not perfect in your eyes, but it is all by your grace and favor upon us. We do not take that for granted and that is the reason we have gathered.

Best Christian Family Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

On your hands, we place any family that is going through hard times. God of love and kindness may you show mercy on them so that they can live to testify your great wonders. We love you God and we pray that you help us to live to serve you for the rest of our lives. May your will be done Lord. Amen.

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