List of most dangerous food that makes you fat!

List of most dangerous food that makes you fat!

Weight is a problem that most people deal with. Women are especially very keen when it comes to weight gain and regulation. Unfortunately sometimes we are not aware that some of the foods we consume are responsible for the weight that we gain. The excess weight comes from consuming too much of the food that we think is healthy when in real sense it is not.

List of most dangerous food that makes you fat!
Dangerous food that makes you fat!

Sometimes it is the healthy foods that we love that are responsible for the continuous expansion of our waist line. While the foods are healthy and should be recommended, they need to be taken in moderation. Some of these foods will surprise you as you probably over indulge when it comes to them.

Food that makes you fat

1. Avocado

If you have been wondering what food that makes you fat then your favorite fruit could be making your efforts to lose weight futile. No matter how hard you work out, if you fail to consider the right portions the avocado could continue making you fat without you making any suspicions. While it is common for people to take avocado as a snack, this may need to change considering that a serving of one bowl of guacamole is equivalent to a whole meal. This means that you could be taking two whole meals in one serving without realizing that you are packing yourself with calories unknowingly.

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List of most dangerous food that makes you fat!- avacadoes

2. Wine and beer

Alcohol has a way of increasing the weight of consumers without their knowledge. With its addictive nature, people indulging in wine will not notice as they pile up the calories especially if they overdo it. The key to enjoying these drinks without causing any serious harm to your body is to do it in moderation.

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3. Nuts

Nutritionist encourage the consumption of nuts especially as a strategy that will help prevent overeating. However, these nuts are not only packed with excellent omega fats, vitamins, fiber and useful nutrients, thy also come loaded with calories that can easily work to your disadvantage. What’s more it is also very easy to continue eating them just as you would with popcorn. It helps to observe a strict portion when serving.

Foods that make you gain weight in your hips

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Unless you are keen on increasing weight around the hips, it is important that you know and avoid the following foods no matter how healthy they are.

4. Sweet potatoes

They have fiber and are recommended to other foods. They are a rich source of carbohydrates but should be taken in moderation lest you become too big around the hips and bum. If this is your goal then you should include it in your meal every once in a while.

5. Processed meat

Red meat comes packed with a lot of calories. It is unfortunate that most people enjoy eating meat regularly when they should minimize it. At least for those that want to keep off the unnecessary extra weight.

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Food that makes you fat easily

There are certain food that will obviously make you fat. Check out for these and keep away if possible. They include:

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List of most dangerous food that makes you fat!- Foods that Make you Fat Easily

6. Fries

7. Sweets and desserts

8. Nuts like almonds

While there are obvious types of food that can make you fat, some are not so obvious. You need to be on the lookout for such. It is the seemingly healthy foods that will slowly get you fat. Be careful about what you consume, how much you consume and how often you consume it. It is easy to manage your weight with the right food.

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