How to Prevent Diabetes

How to Prevent Diabetes

Although diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US with results as blood chilling as losing a foot in cases of survival, people haven’t yet taken it with the seriously. Some known causes of diabetes are physical stress, genes, age, overweight and sometimes pregnancy. If you start urinating more often than usual, get frequent yeast infections, blurred vision, a tingling in your hands or feet and are losing weight in ways you don’t understand, it’s probably time you got checked for diabetes. These are the top tell signs.

How to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which the body loses its ability to produce or respond to insulin. This leads to alarming increase in the blood sugar level that is harmful to the body. With little or no insulin production, it results to type 1 of diabetes. Broken sugar can’t be transported to the cells and you luck energy. Once diagnosed with this type of diabetes you have to survive on the insulin injection.

In another scenario, the pancreas produces enough insulin but the body rejects it. This condition is known as insulin resistance and is a type 2 of diabetes. This is the most common type and thankfully, it can be controlled and even cured.

How to prevent diabetes

Being informed on how to prevent diabetes at a young age, puts you in a better position prevent it. Prevention is always better than cure. With a few simple tips, you can learn how to prevent diabetes naturally. These do it yourself methods only call for discipline and commitment from your side.

How to prevent diabetes type 2 – In some easy DIY steps

Here are the various lifestyle changes that will prevent this disease;

• Change your diet

Your diet should include less sugary foods to reduce the amount of sugar you inject into your blood stream.

How to prevent diabetes 2 calls for you to stop taking sugary soft drinks. You can alternate them for coffee or tea. Most sugary drinks are quickly absorbed into the body giving the blood stream a quick supply of sugars that immediately put you at risk.

Take whole grain over finely refined carbohydrate foods. While processed starches are quickly broken down into glucose, whole grain is made up of bran and fiber that are harder to break down. In the long run, they ensure a slower and lower increase in blood sugar as they get broken down bit by bit.

• Control your weight- acquire an ideal BMI

An oversize body leads to more demand of sugar as it gets broken down fast to serve all the body needs. Cutting down on your body weight reduces on the amount of sugar your body needs to take in for normal body operations. It also reduces risks of heart failure.

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• Get active-Physical activities should become part of you

Stop taking pleasure in lying back on the sofa and watching TV all day as you order in your meals. Get up and run errands. Walk up the stairs, to the mall and back. If possible have a daily 30 minute brisk walk routine; it cuts your chances of contracting diabetes by half. The more the activities you expose your body to, the more the glucose demanded by the body. You keep your insulin producing cells active and a chance of failure is very low.

How to Prevent Diabetes

• Eat healthy foods-less fat, less sugar

On how to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure, experts recommend a simple healthy guide as outlined;

  • Consume moderate milk, meat and other protein foods
  • Do more of wholegrain, fruits and complex carbohydrates
  • Take little or no sugar. Non essential sugars like alcohol should be stopped. You should also cut foods.

How to prevent diabetes type 1

There is no defined way to prevent type one of diabetes so far. Caused by a damaged pancrease, it’s an irreversible action that is only manageable. Frequent visits to the doctor, sticking to the insulin injection and good practices that promote general good healthy are advised. These include healthy eating habits and exercise.

How to prevent diabetes during pregnancy

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Diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. As the baby develops, more insulin is produced to supply both mother and child. This causes high blood sugar levels. Though the condition returns to normal after child birth, knowing how to prevent diabetes mellitus during pregnancy gives one a stress free experience and increases the chances of safe delivery. Given below are easy guidelines to take to be on the safe side;

• Determining Your Risk Factors – these are any leads that put you into a higher risk

How to Prevent Diabetes

Get to know your family history to see if there is any chance for hereditary risk and check if your weight is as required. Chances of having developed this condition in your previous pregnancies could be pre determining factors too.

• Visit your doctor frequently – have your entire pregnancy period closely monitored.

It helps to know whenever anything comes up and ensures good maternal and baby health.

• Change your diet – eat foods that naturally prevent diabetes

White foods and fatty meat should be avoided. Stick to whole grain and fibre fruits, all in moderation.

• Exercise- this should begin immediately before a planned pregnancy

Exercise keeps all diseases at bay. If you had not been exercising pre-pregnancy, go slow until you get used.

How to Prevent Diabetes

While diabetes type 1 is hardly beyond anyone’s control, type 2 can be prevented and even cured. Getting into a simple healthy lifestyle guarantees you of a diabetes free life.

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