List of sports betting companies in Ghana

List of sports betting companies in Ghana

Over the years, betting has become the new craze among the youth and even the elderly. Many people have taken to betting even others attributing their success of their businesses to betting. This has led to a steady growth of sports betting companies in Ghana.

List of sports betting companies in Ghana

The betting sites in Ghana compete with each other in order to gain more members. This is done through luring customers with good odds and a multi-million jackpot that is sought by almost everyone. Sports betting in Ghana has become popular due to the fact that sports are a liked activity.

Betting Companies in Ghana.

We have compiled a list of betting companies in Ghana. We have also included Ghana online betting sites to the list.


It is one of the biggest betting sites in Ghana. They offer very competitive betting options with over 100,000 options offered on a daily basis. The site has over a million registered members. They are the leading sport betting sites in Ghana who specialize in tennis and football matches.

They offer compelling deals with free bonuses offered to all new members. They also offer bonuses on all bets played. But they also introduced casino games such as slots and soft games. They also have a variety of virtual games.

List of sports betting companies in Ghana

Premier bet.

It is one of the most diverse online sport betting company in Ghana. They offer betting options for over 20 different sport disciplines. They also gift their loyal customers with coupons which are in form of increased odds for random bet slips. The site is creating room for offering more attractive deals such as free bets and bonuses.

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Undoubtedly, one of the best sport betting company in Ghana with the best bonuses offered to members. They offer a bonus on their mobile app on any deposit made by a member to their account. They have betting options for over 30 different sports disciplines. They also have offer a wide variety of casino and virtual games.

List of sports betting companies in Ghana



They are one of the best online betting site in Ghana. They are well advanced when it comes to live betting. Customers are able to place their bets when the games are still going on. You place the bet when the whistle for the beginning of the game is blown and when its blown to bring the game to a stop. They offer a wide variety of games from different league across the continent and the rest of the world.

They also offer a wide range of attractive options for customers. The customers are also offered free bonuses every time they deposit funds into their accounts.


They are the best betting sites in Ghana when it comes to different betting options including sports bets, virtual games, live betting and roulette. They also have over 40 different sport disciplines for you to choose from. Members are also assured of free bonuses every time they deposit in their accounts.

List of sports betting companies in Ghana


They mainly concentrate on live betting and virtual games. They offer a wide variety of different games with over 200 sports. They also have a section of casino games where they offer slots. They offer competitive odds to all their customers.


It is one of the betting companies in Ghana where you are able to stake little and earn a huge return. Once you won, the steps for withdrawal are very easy. You can have the money deposited directly to your bank account or in direct to your mobile phone. It will take you less than 24 hours to withdraw your money.

List of sports betting companies in Ghana


Probably one of the most established betting companies in Ghana since 2006. They offer a 30% free bonus on all registration by new members. They also offer bonuses to members who direct other members to join the site. They have an elaborated payment system for all your withdrawals. You can also place bets on games that are still playing.


You are allowed to place bets either against the company or punters or against both. They also have rooms for casino and poker rooms. They also offer a 30% bonus discount to all new registered members. You also are allowed to place the lowest stake and earn a big win.

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