How to draw eyebrows step by step

How to draw eyebrows step by step

Lately, every lady wants to have perfect eyebrows. Well a face without eyebrows is an incomplete face. Many ladies have struggled to make their eyebrows perfect. There are various steps that are needed for you to draw them perfectly.

How to draw eyebrows step by step

How to draw eyebrows.

First it depends with the shape of your face. Some eyebrows are curved and others curve at the ends. Some people look better in the curved ones and others on the other type. It is therefore very important to know your taste, the shape of your face and what suits you best. There are different eyeliners that are uses. Mostly the eye pencil is used to make the lines and then the liner can be used to fill in the lines. It is therefore very important to understand what works for you. Below is a comprehensive method of drawing eyebrows.

How to draw eyebrows for beginners.

Below is an easy process on how to draw eyebrows with pencil. The pencil is a special type, specifically made for the eyebrows.

How to draw eyebrows step by step
  1. Start by brushing the eyebrows using a eyebrow brush. It is also important to shape then to ensure that they are not too bushy. Shaping is done using tweezers or a sterilized blade. Be careful not to cut yourself or you can have a beautician do it for you.
  2. Draw a slanted line at the bottom of your eyebrows. This line is very important because it gives a clear outline of your eyebrows
  3. Draw another slanted line above your eyebrows. This line will meet the other slanted line at the end, making a curved shape
  4. Take your eye pencil and fill in between the two lines until an even color is achieved.
  5. Take the eyebrow brush and blend the pencil in. this makes your eyebrow to look even and also neat at the same time
  6. Highlight the eyebrows using a concealer. This helps to remove any traces of excess pencil and also makes the eyebrows blend with your skin
  7. Repeat the same exact process and you will be good to go.

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How to draw eyebrows with eyeliners

When drawing using a high liner, be careful not to use it excessively because it may drip and no one wants that. So use it sparingly and follow the above procedure replacing the pencil with the eyeliner. If you cannot do it, just stick to the pencil. Be assured to look good if you follow the process. Do not be in a hurry just do it slowly and carefully for the best results.

How to draw eyebrows step by step

The eyebrows are a very important part when doing your make up. The important thing to do is to ensure that you do not overdo it, and make it look better at the same time. Eyebrows show the confidence in a person by making the face look more presentable. If you want to master the art, you can start by drawing them on paper.

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How to draw eyebrows on paper

Just take a pencil and a clean sheet of paper. Follow the above process and keep repeating until you draw perfect eyebrows. Remember that everyone is not perfect but practice makes perfect.

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