Lady reveals what she’ll do for her future husband

Lady reveals what she’ll do for her future husband

- A Twitter user named Freedom set the internet on fire when she revealed her plans for her future husband

- Sharing details on social media, she expressed willingness to treat her man like a king

- She went on to call anyone who objects an idiot

Women are designed to be nurturing and repressing one's natural instinct, which most times, doesn't result to any good. It appears that instinct is still very much alive in some women like Twitter user Freedom whose primary goal is to take care of her future husband.

In a post which set the internet on fire, the young lady revealed her plan to treat her man as a king just because she adores him, She went further to call anyone who objects, an idiot. It is alright for a woman to want to take care of her man, it gets awful when such actions are taken for granted.

Freedom must have spoken for the goodness of her heart and while might not understand it, many others agree that it is sweet to want to show some one you love all the care in the world. In her post, she said: “I will cook for my husband. Make his bed. Clean his feet. Remove bones from his meat. Make his laundry. And pray for him. If you think that makes me less of a woman you are an IDIOT.”

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