How to Pray in Islam

How to Pray in Islam

There are 5 pillars in Islamic and prayer is among them. At the age of ten, a Muslim child should be able to pray because they can differentiate some of the good things and bad. Five daily prayers should be completed in a day, to cleanse oneself.

How to Pray in Islam

According to Islam, you have to pray in order to gain courage in your life. They believe that Allah speaks through the holy Quran and the only way they can respond is by praying.

How to Pray to God

Muslims do not just pray without preparing. They have specific time that all Muslims all over the world pray. They have to pray on a clean cloth, and their bodies should have no impurities. They humbly face Qibla, the Holy Mosque that is in Mecca.

How to Pray with Rosary

The Muslims rosary is mostly referred to as prayer beads. It can be of any type of material with either 33 or 99 beads. The prayer beads are helpful to Muslims when they are reciting the attributes of Allah, which are 99 in total. The last bead is elongated and the worshipper is supposed to alter the name of Allah.

How to Pray in Islam

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How to Pray when Fasting

During Ramadan, all Muslims in the wide world fast and pray to Allah. There are prayers that Muslims recite before praying when fasting in order to tell Allah why they are fasting, to get them closer to Allah and to show Allah that they cannot perform any action without his pleasure.

How to pray for the sick

Muslim teachings tend to make them know that everybody can get sick because the earthly body is very weak and fragile. Illness come to test their faith and make them to purify themselves from sins. As a Muslim, you should not despair because you are sick, but start asking Allah to purify and heal you.

How to Pray in Islam

How to pray at night

The Muslims refer to their night prayer as Tahajjub. When you are going off to bed, you do not know if Allah will grant you the opportunity of seeing the sunrise in the following day. This prayer is very important and Prophet Mohammed really encouraged it. Muslims use this prayer to purify themselves from sins and to prepare for the next realm of existence.

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