How to Ask a Girl Out For the First Time

How to Ask a Girl Out For the First Time

We may assume that someone has to be painfully shy not to have the guts to simply ask a girl out. This is not true. Even if you have asked a girl out before, all girls are not the same, and some are harder to approach than others. Some dates are probably going to give you chills.

How to Ask a Girl Out For the First Time

How to ask a girl out through text is the easiest way for a first time shy person. Though it may not be the best way, it’s better than making a first-time impression go all wrong with a one-one approach. Besides this, read on to find out other guidelines on asking a girl out on a first date that will help you up your game.

How to ask a girl out for the first time

How to ask a girl out may seem like a very easy natural task at first until you get no for an answer. Before you decide how to ask a girl out by the message and other methods, this is what you should do.

Gauge her interest – how is she behaving

Sometimes you will notice her repellent actions from the word go. If she detests you so much she can’t hide it, let her go and look for another girl. You might never heal from the frustration that going after such a girl comes with. If she is making contact, smiling and obviously enjoying your presence, go on ask her out.

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Interact with her – set out to know her

How to ask a girl out for the first time involves finding out what interests her. You can only do this by getting closer. Be there when she to assist. Start up simple conversations and try to catch up with her whenever a chance pops up. Be cautious not to ogle at her; it may put her off.

Read the signs – observe how she responds to your reaching out

If she declines your advances in a decent way, give her some time on her own then come back. Something might be stressing her out.

It’s now time to pop the question

Asking a girl out personally is seen as a way of showing you respect her. This method, however, poses the highest number of risks; it’s like a life performance. These tips will guide you on how to successfully ask her out, finally.

Look the part- ladies are very keen on appearance

How to Ask a Girl Out For the First Time

Everyone girl wants to date the coolest guy in the room. You don’t have to be donned in a freshly bought jeans and polo t-shirt, just look and smell good. This applies to the whole period you are trying to get the girl to notice you.

Approach her – This is the real thing now

Don’t try too hard to sound clever, start a normal conversation like ‘Hey, how are you today’ and proceed to create a hearty talk. Compliment her once in a while but don’t overdo it. Knowing her by now, you are luckier if it’s towards her birthday as How to ask a girl out for her birthday is easier than a date. It’s her big day and chances of her declining a treat are very low. Chose your times wisely, it works. A date can naturally follow after that.

How to ask a girl out on phone

If you are shy and don’t have enough guts to ask a girl out this is a good option.

• Make sure you get the phone number from the girl herself

• Find out if she is dating or not

• Pop the question, make a phone call and ask her out. Be direct and straight to the point.

• If she accepts, hold your excitement but show gratitude.

• If she rejects, keep calm and say something polite like ‘its ok, we can do it next time’.

If a voice call is too direct a way for you, how to ask a girl out in text calls for the same tactic and etiquette.

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How to ask a girl out on face book

How to Ask a Girl Out For the First Time

Online dating has become normal these days. If you spot a girl you like on your friend list, here is are tips on how to get her on a date.

• Go through her profile to notice her likes and dislikes.

• Comment on her posts to get her to notice you. Observe her reaction towards you.

• If the response is good, message her. Hold a normal but interesting conversation.

• Invite her for a date.

The hardest part about asking a girl out is reacting to her rejection. If you master this art, you stand a chance of getting another opportunity from this same girl in future.

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