Sarkodie comments on rumors of him being an Illuminati

Sarkodie comments on rumors of him being an Illuminati

- Sarkodie has responded to rumors that he is an Illuminati yet again

- He said people believing that he is an Illuminati makes him feel good about his career achievements

- He said, personally, he does not mind if people think he is with the Illuminati

Ghanaian rapper, Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known by his stage name Sarkodie, has revealed that he is not really perturbed when people allege that his rise to stardom was precipitated because of an affiliation with the notorious secret society called the Illuminati.

Rumors that Sarkodie has affiliations with the Illuminati are surely nothing new.

Although the highly popular rapper has released a song in order to address these rumors, it appears that conspiracy theorists just will not accept his word for it.

These rumors are enforced by the artist's continuous use of signs some say belong to the mysterious secret society.

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Sarkodie comments on rumors of him being an Illuminati

Now responding to these claims on Joy News' Hard Truth on MultiTV on Wednesday, Sarkodie stated that although he definitely has no affiliation with the Illuminati, the perception makes him feel good about his career achievements.

I take it in a positive way...For [people] to make that comparison then it should tell you where you are. I am worried more [about] people who care about me, not what is said about me...I am more worried about family members who [broke down over the Illuminati tag] and it got to them," Sarkodie said.

Sarkodie went on to say that he actually produced his song titled 'Illuminati' for some relatives of his who were "affected" by the Illuminati tag, but he personally doesn't care either way.

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"I think it is a good situation to be in [when] people feel like there is something more than just talent that can make you who you are,” he said, speaking to show host Akosua Konadu.

Sarkodie's rise to stardom is one that truly began almost a decade ago.

From battling fellow rappers in the popular Kasahare Level competition, Sarkodie's talent quickly got him two features on the Volta Regime thanks to Hammer of The Last Two.

Thanks to the features, Sarkodie's exposure grew and led him to record his debut album. His first single, titled 'Baby', was an instant hit and his career has grown from strength to strength since then.

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