How to Lose Weight in a Week

How to Lose Weight in a Week

Losing weight requires a great dedication with an effective plan. Maybe there is an event or photo shoot in a week's time and you want to look stunning by reducing 5-10 pounds. Do not starve yourself because there are natural ways you can reduce your excess calories and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

How to Lose Weight in a Week

How to Lose Weight after C-section

Before you start thinking on tips on how to lose weight after delivery, consider your healing process first. Your health is more important, to avoid injuring your body. A cesarean section body needs patience because the wound needs more time to heal than a normal delivery. Relax and wait until you are given the go ahead by your doctor to start exercising. You start with light exercises until your doctor tells you that your body is completely healed.

There some few ways that make you lose weight naturally after delivery and they include breastfeeding. Did you know you can lose 500 calories just by breastfeeding in day? Well, that is proven and it is because there is a hormone that is released causing stimulation in your uterus.

How to Lose Weight Naturally

Did you know how to lose weight with water? Relax and read this article and you will also get other ways you can lose weight naturally. It will guide you so that you can have an effective plan to help you attain your goal of losing some calories in a week.

How to Lose Weight in 2 weeks

Here are some of the ways through which you can lose weight in 2 weeks. However, thus may be different from person to person.


Drinking water is the main way you can lose weight because it has zero calories. Did you know energy drinks, light beer, and fruit juice contain 100 calories? That week that you are planning to start you journey of losing weight, make sure you avoid other drinks and consume a lot of water.

How to Lose Weight in a Week


In order to achieve your weight lose goal, you need to sacrifice yourself by avoiding sugary and fried foods.

Squats and sit-ups

Make sure you do countless sit-ups and squats; this is because losing weight in 1-2 weeks needs good efforts. You can start with 12 sit-ups and squats and add the number as the days go by.


If you do the cardio quite well you will lose a lot of calories. Start with 30 minutes cardio and continue increasing the minutes for greater results.

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How to Lose Weight in a Week

Take coffee

Before doing your workouts a cup of coffee will give you energy. Coffee contains about 5 calories that will make you work hard without releasing.


You need to eat healthier food than the normal white rice, sandwich, and spaghetti. These light foods are digested fast in your body making you feel hungry more frequent. Eat foods that contain fiber, vegetables, proteins and they will digest slowly making you belly feel full.

Push-ups and lunges

Do at least 12 push-ups and lunges to work out your upper body, backside thigh and hips.

How to Lose Weight in a Week

Adequate sleep

Sleep improves your body metabolism. When you are asleep, hormones do not work and you reduce your food intake too.

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