Top 10 Ghanaian Husband Pet Names

Top 10 Ghanaian Husband Pet Names

The relationship you strike with your husband from the beginning will show in how you call each other. In the early years of relationships people have pet names for each other. This is likely to disappear as the family grows and kids become part of the team. However, some couples have been able to maintain the use of pet names for their spouses over the years of marriage.

Top 10 Ghanaian Husband Pet Names

Calling your husband a pet name has a way of making him feel special because of the playful nature of the name calling. Men are known to be uptight and ever serious. A pet name would be a great way to make him relax and ease the tensions that could be associated with the day’s hustles. A pet name has the power of transforming even the toughest CEO into a mellow family man and husband to a charming wife once he sets foot in the house. The following are some of the most common pet names used by couples in Ghana.

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Pet Names for My Husband

1. Amore Mio

For the lovers of soap operas this may feature in their conversations a lot. It makes one of the perfect husband pet names that a woman can use. It simply means my love in Italian. A man will immediately come down when he is called Amore Mio.

2. Mi Amor

If you are more inclined to the Spanish language then this could be a great pet name for your man as it means my love. In fact this is one of most common pet names for a husband or even a wife as used by Ghanaians and people world over. If you are looking for a pet name for the man that you love then you should consider starting here.

3. Honey Bun

This is a name deserving of a man that is too sweet to you. If you almost get away with everything then this is the right name for that man. It is no wonder that most women list it as a favorite pet names to call my husband. All women want to be treated sweetly and any man that does this deserves such a pet name. He has earned it.

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Top 10 Ghanaian Husband Pet Names

Pet Names for Your Husband

4. Tiger

There are those pet names that women have for special reasons such as there alone time in the bedroom. If your husband hits the right spot in bed and makes you scream then he is your tiger. You do not need to search for pet names for my husband when this is a trait that is clear in him. He is your tiger and you should appreciate it more.

5. Romeo

Have been fortunate enough to meet a romantic man? Does know how to please your every whim? Is he the kind of man that can turn your grumpiest of moods into a happy one in no time or without any effort? If this is the kind of husband then you are a lucky woman. Romeo he is. If you have been searching for great pet names for your husband to fit this personality then you have yourself a Romeo. You are a lucky woman.

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6. Charming

If your man is a charmer then this is his perfect pet name. You need to be careful though, his sweet talk can always get him out of anything even with you. Charmers are great if they have you in their heart.

Top 10 Ghanaian Husband Pet Names

Pet Names for a Husband

7. Papa Bear

If you have yourself a huge man that loves and adores you then this is his perfect name. This man will work overtime to ensure you are protected and shielded at all times.

8. Prince Charming

Your husband qualifies to be a prince charming if he can get you off your feet at any time. He doesn’t have to do anything for you to be impressed. You definitely have a prince charming if you adore him that much.

9. Darling

This is one of the pet names that never goes out of style. If you are classic lovers then darling will seat well with him. He will appreciate it more than other goofy names.

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10. Giggle

If the man’s giggles turn you on and you can’t wait for him to be amused so that you can hear his giggle then this is his pet name.

Before settling for a pet name therefore one needs to learn their spouse. One husband may be comfortable with one pet name but another would be thoroughly offended. Women and especially waives need to know their men. Also choose a pet name that is unique to both of you. If it can be a secret code that only the two of you know its meaning the better.

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