Top 12 Delicious Ghanaian Food Recipes for Any Occasion

Top 12 Delicious Ghanaian Food Recipes for Any Occasion

Africans do not hold anything when it comes to food. Food is part of the African culture and thy will go all the way to prepare it whether the occasion is grant or not. Ghana leads in the list of African countries that have the most exquisite delicacies that you must try at some point in your life. Here are the top 12 that you must try before you rush to check in any of the available Ghanaian food recipe book.

Top 12 Delicious Ghanaian Food Recipes for Any Occasion

Ghanaian Food Recipes

Good food is something that every person appreciates. It is even more interesting if the food is traditionally prepared and all the necessary attention given to make it one of the best you can have. Ghana traditional food is one to die for. Consider the following 12 to get a taste of what real traditional food tastes like. If you are looking for simple recipes of Ghanaian food then this is something you want to try.


Top 12 Delicious Ghanaian Food Recipes for Any Occasion - Chichinga

This is one of those meals that prove that Ghana is truly traditional. This street food is a specialty of Ghana that shows you what real Ghanaian food is. It tops among the list of preferred Ghanaian street foods and it makes great kebab. It is easy to make.

Red Red

Red Red may not be the most attractive foods you will take especially because of its appearance. However, one scoop and you will revive your love for beans. It is one of the best ways to bring back the love of beans for people that may have had reservation. This tasty dish is prepared in such a way that it is mixed with prawns and sometimes with fish, whichever is available. If you are looking for Ghanaian cuisine at its best then this is it.

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Traditional Ghanaian Food Recipes

Top 12 Delicious Ghanaian Food Recipes for Any Occasion

Fried rice with chicken

If you are from any West African county then you will definitely know that this is a signature dish that most people enjoy even in Ghana. The traditional friend rice also known as jollof rice can drive even people that may have had food reservations to ask for a second helping. When paired with traditionally prepared chicken which is prepared with some of the freshest tomatoes and lots of spices no one can resist.


Banku works for corn lovers. It is prepared from fermented corn and rolled into small balls. It is one of the best, tasty and nutritious Ghanaian traditional foods you will have especially because it is served with tasty fried fish.


Top 12 Delicious Ghanaian Food Recipes for Any Occasion - Waakye

This traditional food for everyone is pronounced as Wa Chi. It is the best food in Ghana that shows you just how much the people of this great nation love rice and beans. It is also spicy and is to be eaten with a number of accompaniments including friend fish, fired chicken, spaghetti or eggs.

Tom brown Porridge with nuts

This is one of those super breakfast foods that you should consider indulging in. It is the perfect power breakfast meal that prepares people to conquer the world and can be mixed with a variety of nuts.


Top 12 Delicious Ghanaian Food Recipes for Any Occasion - Shoko

This is one of the traditional foods in Ghana that has held its position for the time it has existed. It is a favorite among many Ghanaian homes because of its affordability which makes it one of those foods that every homestead can have even in the toughest of seasons. It is commonly known as the beef and spinach stew. This is one of those meals that every Ghanaian can truly say that they have grown fond of.

African Food and Recipes

Strawberry fool

Every meal ends with a signature design and the strawberry fool is this for Ghana. Made from a combination of cream, wine and strawberry, this perfectly balanced dessert is going to revolutionize your thinking about desserts. If you are not going to try any other Ghanaian food at least go for the strawberry fool, you will not be disappointed.


Ask any West African resident and you will hear about plantain being one of the most common and favorite dishes this side of Africa. In Ghana, plantain is the simplest food to cook and one of the most important. In fact most people in Ghana are so hooked to this dish that they have incorporated it in their daily meals. You can boil, fry or cook it, whichever way you prefer it.


Top 12 Delicious Ghanaian Food Recipes for Any Occasion - Akotonshi

Crabs are not really show stealers in Ghana as they are in many other fine restaurants around the world. Ghana has managed to take the Akotonshi meal to a new high level as far as crabs delicacies are concerned. To make this dish the crab’s shell is completely removed. It is then cooked with paper and tomatoes. It has been able to change how people look at and how they consume crabs. No more struggling with the shell when the food is ready. Another great dish from a country that loves the finest when it comes to food.

Easy Ghanaian Food Recipes

Groundnut Soup

Every person in the world knows that Ghanaians love soup. It is therefore not surprising that they are great with experimenting with different groundnut soups. While the appearance may be that of a spicy curry, it is nothing close to it. It can go with any of the meats that one loves including goat and beef. This is one of those signature dishes that should be tried once you are in Ghana.

Kakro yam balls

Top 12 Delicious Ghanaian Food Recipes for Any Occasion - Kakro yam balls

Some people cannot do without carbohydrates. If you are one such person then the Kakro yam balls are your thing. This flavorful combination is a true indication that Ghana does not lack in variety of foods.

From the many foods available in Ghana you can choose one that can comfortably work for you. There is something about traditional food that ordinary cuisine does not have. Take time to sample some of these dishes and you will not regret making the choice and move.

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