How to Start a Blog that Pays

How to Start a Blog that Pays

Blogging has become one of the means of earning money without sweating it. However, there is a secret to making it with blogs. Write for the purpose of informing people and making them access knowledge that you are willing to share as opposed to writing for cash. The money will come alter if you focus on doing what you love after you have chosen a niche that suits you perfectly.

How to Start a Blog that Pays

Blogging has in the recent past been something that most people have ventured into after a few successful stores were told about people making money from it. While the motivation may be the same, doing it right is what makes the difference between a person that succeeds at it and one that does not. The following are some of the things you need to know about starting a blog.

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How to Start a Blog

There are simple things you need to do for you to have a blog up and running. These include:

- Choosing a good platform

- Registering a domain and a name hosting

- Designing your blog

- Adding post and pages

- Starting to grow your blog

While there may be a lot of hype on how to start a blog, the crucial aim of this article is to help you do it right from the beginning. It is common to find people that started blogs and abandoned them along the way for one reason or another. Know how to do this right a step at a time.

How to start a blog free

1. Select the correct blogging platform

This is one of the secrets you learn on how to start a blog for free. There are many platforms that you can choose to use including tumbrl, word press and blogger. However, gauging by the users, Wordpress takes the price since more than 72millon active users are engaged. There is a reason why Wordpress is preferred by many top on the list being that it is easy to use, available for free, secure and has high chances of being customized.

2. Choose a domain name and a reliable web hosting service provider

A domain name and web hosting are the two components you need to set up a self-hosted blog. The name will make your blog personalized and allow them to get to you any time they need to. The web hosting allows you to use the domain. When choosing your web hosting make sure you consider two of the following things. The first one is that you look at the page speed and the uptime. Go with a provider that guarantees 100% of each.

How to Start a Blog that Pays

How to start a blog and make money

3. Set up your blog on your own domain name

4. Choose your blog hosting plan

When learning about how to start a good blog a hosting plan is important. You can always start with hatchling and upgrade to one with more features with time.

5. Complete registration

With a hosting plan and a blog name in place, complete the process with registration. Add contact and billing information. You can also customize the package a bit.

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6. Log into the new account and install word press.

How to start a gossip blog

Knowing how to start a blog using Wordpress may be your start towards making money. Before deciding on how you will start your gossip blog you need to understand a few things about it. Choose the right name by ensuring that it is descriptive and this case about gossip. This is the easiest way to let your potential readers know what you are blogging about. With time, even without expert knowledge on how to start a blog free and make money the blog will bring in some cash. The secret is to keep your readers engaged.

From the descriptions above, it is clear that tips on how to start a blog that pays are not that hard to follow. All you need to do is to organize yourself and push yourself to take action.

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