How To Love Yourself And Be Confident

How To Love Yourself And Be Confident

It is presumed natural to love you but the reality of the matter is many people are suffering inherently with issues of self love, esteem and confidence but will hardly share for fear of being perceived weak. This brings us down to the subject how to love yourself or if you have ever loved yourself yet the twist and turns of life brought a new emotion, here is how to love yourself first. Falling in and out of self love is normal but should not extend to the outliers of pride or depression.

How To Love Yourself And Be Confident

Life may have hit you really hard to the point of loosing self worth which entwine in the lost of self love. Loving yourself is hard but seems easy and so harder it gets if you are from a toxic relationship. Despite all that is surrounding your life in the past or even present, it is possible to revive love again. Here are a few tips on how to love yourself and be confident:

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Tips on how to love yourself and be confident

Here is a brief guide on how to love yourself more than others:

Have a positive mind

The mind is the mirror of your life. Take care of what gets absorbed into your system. Teach it to love who you are and gradually it will be cemented in you. . Feed you mind with positivity, be optimistic that things will be okay even when there is no ray of hope. Positive mind is a powerful tool in walking you through the path of how to love yourself more.

Learn to forgive

This fundamental guide especially to those looking for answers on how to love yourself after a toxic relationship. Although time is a healer, forgive yourself for past mistakes. Don't remember negative things from the past since they won't have anything positive to offer. If you past will deter you from loving yourself may be because of failure, guilt, shame or mistakes, forgive yourself and walk away from all it holds.

Do what your heart desires or makes you happy

Self love is not selfish. Engage in activities that makes you happy. Life is too short to go against your heart’s desires. If you can tend to your heart and soul with the good it longs for. Know your innermost sources of joy and happiness and do not compromise on dislikes.


How to love yourself more than others begins with self appreciation. If you always waiting for people to compliment or appreciate you then you are in for a rude shock. Celebrate yourself even for small achievements and success, never wait for people to approve of your; most actually want to downplay your abilities.

Change your life positively

How to love yourself as you are denotes a loving heart and if wasn’t there then there is need for change of lifestyle. There are changes you need to factor into your life. Embrace a life of gratitude, positivity and peace. You are only able to give what you have. Explore new opportunities, believe in your own abilities, be honest with yourself and accept mistakes you have done, be kind and loving and finally loosen up life is not that serious not to make merry.

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