How To Make Money On YouTube Without AdSense

How To Make Money On YouTube Without AdSense

How to make money on YouTube is one of the most searched question for ambitious Ghanaian minds would want to know how to make a living or extra cash from posting useful videos on YouTube. Nevertheless, it should be more of a question of how to make money for YouTube before it gets to how to make money from YouTube. This is because YouTube is a business that capitalizes on your content in order to get advertisers, hence you have to conform to their requirements or you would be blocked from using AdSense. Well, if you can't get AdSense on your YouTube account, it is still possible to make money on YouTube due to the many avenues that can channel money your way.

How To Make Money On YouTube Without AdSense

Conventionally, AdSense has been the main tool of making money on YouTube. It is a program that content pages are served with images, videos, texts and commercials. Google AdSense then makes money from views while the creator gets their share as commission. Here are some of the easiest ways for those who want to know how to make money on YouTube.

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How to make moneyfFrom YouTube without AdSense

Licensing your own content to the media

In how to make money on YouTube through licensing own content to the media; the creator obtains license for their work be it videos, images or text in exchange for money. One can list their work on the marketplace for quick purchases. Besides if your content goes viral, other media outlets may come in search of you, which mean more money.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another wheel used by those seeking to find answers on how to make money from YouTube. It basically refers to selling other company’s or people’s products using a special link for a commission. The trick is in understanding the audience and using the popular programs in affiliate marketing.

Selling your own products

Selling own products is more less the same with affiliate marketing only that the products you put on sale are yours which means you enjoy all the profit. However, there is a small portion of your sales that goes to YouTube. Selling own products on YouTube is an excellent solution in learning how to make money on YouTube without videos.

Crowd funding

How to make money on YouTube through project crowd funding is a slightly unexplored area for entrepreneurs who want to have full control of their money. Crowd Funding entails, uploading content on the internet then reaching out to your fans to do some fundraising or basically support your work. These proceeds goes a long way in helping you, the creator, to make more money.

Making money on YouTube through consulting

If you have been uploading videos on YouTube and money is not streaming in, it means you need to go a mile further and harness from smart work. Ask me about How to make money from YouTube through Consulting. Well, if you are an expert, enjoy working online and time is not a limiting factor then add value to your work by giving your audience consulting services. Ideally, if you are appealing to your audience in kind they will come for consultancy, enquiry and other services from you. It is from these services one make money from YouTube. As fore-mentioned money first goes to YouTube so you be answering How to make money for YouTube before it comes back your way.

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