How To Make Coconut Oil At Home

How To Make Coconut Oil At Home

There are many countless benefits and uses of coconut oil which just adds on to its value and makes it gold among other oils. Coconut oil is good for hair care, skin care, boosts digestion, speeds up healing and improves immunity also good for weight loss, and has great nutritional value just to highlight but a few benefits of this essential oil. Coconut oil is available at the store in the processed and preserved form but it can also be made at home. So just how to make coconut oil at home, should be the obvious question going through your mind right.

How To Make Coconut Oil At Home

In the knowledge of the benefits of coconut oil, it deserves that you want to begin or continue using it. In the twists and turns of life, finances get constrained left with the choice to look for the next best and cheap alternative in making coconut oil at home. First worth mentioning is that coconut oil can be made in several ways or through several methods. Below is a brief on how to make coconut oil for hair growth;

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How to make coconut oil – easy methods

For this piece I will bring to your attention two easy method; how to make coconut oil without heat and how to make coconut oil cold pressed all of which bring out pure and natural coconut oil

How to make coconut oil cold pressed guide

  • Cut the coconut meat into small pieces and use a dehydrator to dry it up for 24 hours
  • Place the coconut pieces into the juicers bits by bits to avoid clogging. Oil and cream will be separated from fiber.
  • You may need to take the pulp through the juicer again to ensure you get the very last drop.
  • The fluid should be left to settle for 24 hours in a warm place. Coconut oil will rise at the top.

How to make coconut oil without heat method

  • Drain coconut milk in a bowl and crack the hard shell open
  • Scoop the white flesh from the husks
  • Shred the white flesh into small pieces
  • Pour the coconut pieces and milk in the food processor and run to get a fine mixture
  • Pour the contents on a bowl and add non chlorinated water
  • Using your fists squeeze until you get a milky liquid and leave for a while
  • Separate the coconut flakes from the milk using a mesh sieve, strainer or cheesecloth
  • The coconut milk should be placed in a cool place or refrigerated
  • Cream, pure coconut oil and water separate. Evaporate or separate the layers contents to get your coconut oil

Tips on how to make coconut oil smell better

If you find the smell of coconut oil a little bit too strong here is how to make coconut oil smell good or better. The easy way to make the scent a little mild is to add fragrance or other flavor so that they can dilute the strong scent. For instance, add lemon, strawberry or vanilla fragrances to ease the coconut oil smell. This is especially important if you were looking for a way on how to make coconut oil for hair.

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