How to Kiss a Guy First Time

How to Kiss a Guy First Time

A kiss is a very intimate thing two people share together. Some of the frequently asked questions about kisses are; how to kiss a guy for the first time, how to kiss a guy on the neck, how to kiss a guy on the neck and ear and how to kiss a guy on the neck to turn him on. Girls want to know how to kiss a guy, and in most cases it’s because the guy is a new catch or it’s a long time crush.

How to Kiss a Guy First Time

The idea of a first kiss elicits a lot of feelings in people and the most prevalent feeling is fear. In truth, kissing is a thing of instinct. Regardless of this fact, it is important that you try and make it a memorable one and more so if it is the first time kissing someone. This article will help you know how to kiss a guy for the first time. Not only that, it will also help you know how to kiss a guy good.

Preparing for the kiss

Before you go kissing anybody, there are aspects that you need to take into consideration when you are in the process of preparing for the kiss.

Ensure you have proper hygiene before your kiss

You cannot kiss a guy for the first time with a foul smell coming from your mouth. You should ensure that you have done all that is possible to keep your breath as fresh as possible. A sweet smelling mouth will ensure that the guy reciprocates the kiss you give him with enthusiasm and will go on and on for as long as they can. Avoid foods that might make your breath have a foul smell, for example, garlic. I recommend that you buy mint and do not forget to take it with you; it will help keep your breath fresh.

Ensure your dressing style is top notch

Any man will tell you they prefer good looking women. When you look good, the man will want to kiss you. Also, when girls know they look good, they have lots of confidence.

How to Kiss a Guy First Time

Scout for the ideal location

Finding an ideal Location is key. Look for a neutral location where you can be alone together. Let the place present an ideal ambiance. The location should be comfortable for you and the guy you want to kiss.

Make your plans known

Now that both of you are finally getting cozy, ensure that there is no confusion on how you want to proceed. Go on and make advancements that seem suggestive. Make sure you have already made clear your intentions, like telling him you’d like to become more than friends. Flirt physically. Give gestures, like smiling while staring at his lips, then move even closer to him, hug him then go for the kill. Kiss him.

When you are kissing

You are now inching closer to reaching your goal, and if you are lucky, the guy also has the same ideas as you. You want to make this a memory that will always be in his mind. What should you do?

Move close, move slow.

If the kiss is to be good and enjoyable, move close and proceed slowly. So get as close to him as possible. Being close helps you get comfortable and also makes the kiss more intimate because your bodies are so close together. It also increases the chances of the guy getting aroused. You should always look at him directly. Make sure you stare into his eyes. When he thinks you’re about to finally kiss him, make it interesting. Back away for a moment. Move 90% of the distance and let him come the rest of the distance. Then close your eyes. In order to kiss a guy good, ensure you approach the kiss with your face set at an angle. This will help in ensuring your noses don’t collide.

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How to Kiss a Guy First Time

Aim for one lip

This is important during a kiss. Choosing one lip ensures that you both get maximum pleasure from the kiss. Aim for the lower lip.

Do not be tense

When kissing a guy, try your best to deter yourself from puckering your lips in the process. Be comfortable and loosen your lips to ensure both of you get maximum pleasure from the kiss. This will also help the other person feel comfortable.

Tease him for sometime

It is not bad to tease a guy, especially when you want to keep things interesting. When kissing, make sure your lips are not fully open, go for the lower lip, and make it sensual. Do this in 6-second intervals. This will keep him interested and yearning for more

Strategically wrap your hands around them

When it’s the first time, or even when you kiss later on, you have to realize that the position you chose to place your hands is so important. You can either move your hand under his arms and move them to his back or you can place them strategically above his shoulders. This ensures he feels comfortable at that moment.

How to Kiss a Guy First Time

After you are done kissing

So now you are done with the hard part. You have kissed a guy for the first time. So now, what next?

Look into their eyes

After you are done kissing, you can open your eyes. Stare directly into their eyes. Look at his reactions; if he looks happy and lightened up, you did a good job. Do not, however, completely move away. If you have your arms around him, let them remain there for a while.

Complement the situation using words

Say some nice things about the kiss, maybe how good it was. Be honest. If you really like him but the kiss was not that good you can *lie*tsk. Just so you get a second bite of the cherry.

How to Kiss a Guy First Time

Do not Kiss and Tell

Do not go telling people you kissed a guy. He might not be comfortable with people knowing about his private life. So, unless you know he has no problem, and then tell no one of the kiss.

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