How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Fear has been known to be the element that has held a lot of people back and prevented them from achieving their goals. In fact, most people have failed to achieve their potential in different life aspects just because they feared to step out. This explains why most people are unable to speak in public even when they have a lot of relevant and useful content to pass on. Learning how to overcome such fear could work to your advantage.

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Public skill is a skill that every individual with the ability to speak can master with a little practice and confidence. Unfortunately most people cannot speak before a crowd either because they are shy or are afraid with the later being the most probable. As such, a good number of people have been held back from opportunities they would have seized. Sometimes all it needs is for someone to hear you speak in a crowd and point you out for a chance of a lifetime. The following tricks will help anyone successfully beta their fear of public speaking.

How to overcome fear

The difference between successful people and those struggling yet they have great ideas has almost always been fear. With fear holding you back there is nothing any person can achieve because they fail to step out in the right direction. Fear needs to be addressed head on. Here is how to:

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
  • Identify the causes of fear in your life
  • Know what generates the fear and deal with it
  • Focus on enjoying the present especially if you are to overcome the fear of the unknown
  • Learn how to breathe and focus on what’s important. Thin out the unnecessary details that could be causing havoc in your mind
  • Get rid of negative thoughts and environments
  • Be more grateful
  • Journal your fears
  • Talk about it
  • Attend therapy sessions if you have to
  • Read, get a life coach and take more actions in your life.

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How to overcome a fear of public speaking

Once you figure out that you fear speaking in public your next move should be to focus on how to overcome fear in public speaking. The good news is that you have already identified what your shortcomings are and as such dealing with them will be easy. There are different ways on how to overcome fear of public speaking easily. Choose one that works out best for you.

  • Practice as if you are not competent. This will help you avoid the tendency to get sloppy because you know your material well hence may neglect your speech practice.
  • Create a backup slide for answers incase questions come up
  • Always start small especially if you are entering into public speaking for the first time. Talk to family and friends that can help you practice first before taking a real crowd of people you do not know.
  • Prepare to master your material. This is the only way to boost your confidence. Always take a few minutes to rehearse your content as many times as you can
  • Do not emphasize on memorizing. Use visual aids as opposed to boring bullet points especially if your presentation is on PowerPoint.
  • Reduce stress. You can talk to people with confidence if you are stressed about it. It will show in your speech. Always visualize a positive outcome as this is the best way to reduce stress.
  • Find a friend in the place you are delivering your speech at. Make friends with a few people at the front row of the hall and focus on them when you start. This will make it easy for you to increase your confidence.
How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

How to overcome fear during interview

Fear and anxiety during a new interview is perfectly normal. However, without keeping this fear in check you could put your whole interview at risk. The following tips will help you overcome your fears especially in your most important interview.

  • Prepare adequately
  • Always think positive
  • Avoid being desperate
  • Relax and be confident
  • Redirect questions that you do not have the right answers to
  • Arriving early helps you clam down
  • Always have a smile on your face

It is easy to overcome fear. Accept that you are fearful and begin taking the right steps towards overcoming this fear.

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