How to Cure Pimples Naturally at Home

How to Cure Pimples Naturally at Home

Whether it is a stage or a bout of hormonal imbalance, pimples and acne breakout can be a nuisance to most people. They tend to affect the self-confidence of individuals in the most disturbing of ways. Knowing how to treat them form home is there a priceless skill that most people will appreciate.

How to Cure Pimples Naturally at Home

Pimples accounts for one of the most problematic facial issues that most people face on a daily basis. The severity of the conditions may vary from one person to another and also depending on the stage of growth. Most adolescents at puberty will experience a lot of pimples breakout which clear out with time as hormones continue to stabilize and balance out in the body. However, it is the adult pimple breakout that can cause a problem as they tend to linger and could be as a result of something deeper. Here are few tried and tested remedies that could help bring back an individual’s confidence.

How to cure pimples

There are several tips on how to cure pimples naturally at home. You do not have to go for expensive drugs and cosmetics that will probably not work in the first place. Consider the following remedies from items that are probably found in your kitchen counter.

a. Honey

The antibiotic properties of honey make it an excellent anti-inflammatory solution which can be used to improve the condition of acne. Consider applying a tea spoon of honey to the affected area. Alternatively create an oatmeal-honey mask by mixing half a cup of honey with one cup of plain oatmeal and apply it to the face for 30 mins.

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b. Use mint

Mint is useful in opening up the pores and preventing pore-clogging oils. This way the acne is prevented even before it occurs. To make it work more effectively blend some plain oatmeal. To it mix plain yoghurt and finely chopped mint leaves. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it for ten minutes then wash it off.

c. Use Aspirin

Most homes will have some Aspirin for emergency. Take advantage of the salicylic acid in the aspirin to get rid of acne. It helps dry up the pimple and reduce inflammation. Grind four aspirins and mix with a table spoon of water then apply on the affected areas to dry out the pimples.

d. Chamomile

If you have chamomile tea use a blender to grind the contents of one tea bag and mix with enough water to form paste that you then apply to the pimple. Alternatively you can make a tea cup of chamomile using two tea bags. Use a cotton bud to dub the tea on the affected areas where you have acne. The chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce the swelling

How to cure pimples fast naturally

There are many tricks that people use to cure acne naturally. Most of the how to cure pimples using home remedies can be done without incurring unnecessary costs. Most of the items you need to reduce the inflammation and minimize the redness that is caused by acne are things that already exists in your kitchen. These are:

- Oranges

- Vinegar

- Citrus juice

- Aloe Vera

These elements work by exfoliating the skin, especially for the acidic substances. Aloe Vera is perfect as it fights infection, heals the pimples and minimizes scaring.

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How to cure pimples from inside

How to Cure Pimples Naturally at Home- How to cure pimples from inside

Sometimes a different strategy is needed to tackle skin problems such as acne. An Inside- out approach that works could bring about permanent and lasting results and as such should be recommended. Consider these tips that have worked for other.

- Get your omega 3 intake right

- Reduce estrogen sources in cosmetics and foods such as soy products, sesame seeds and flax seeds

- Consume raw carrots every day

- Balance blood sugars by cutting on refined carbohydrates and increasing your body movements through regular working out or walking

- Move so that the lymphatic system is able to flush out toxins

How to cure pimples using lemon

Lemon can be useful in treating acne and has been used when searching on how to cure the pimple marks on face. Treating acne is one thing but the marks that remain can be a major nuisance if not treated well. To eliminate these scars one requires patience and perseverance The scarring and spotting after an acne attack comes about due to poking of the pimples and sometimes as a result of over exposure to the sun. You can make use of carrot seed oil or rose hip seed oil. If unavailable consider making a homemade acne scar removal mask using the following essential oils ingredients:

- 3 table spoons of lemon juice

- 3 table spoon honey

- 2 table spoon almond or olive oil

- 9 drops f tea tree oil

- 9 drops of frankincense oil

- 7 drops of helichrysum oil

How to Cure Pimples Naturally at Home- how to cure pimples using lemon

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and use on skin daily. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash thoroughly afterwards.

How to cure hormonal pimples

This refers to acne that is tied to hormonal fluctuations. It is mostly associated with fluctuation of hormones in puberty but it can also occur in young adults especially women between the age of 20 to 29 years. It occurs in women over 40 to 50 years but mostly is often coupled with underlying medical conditions. There are different ways to treat hormonal pimples some of which include the following:

- Using oral contraceptives

- Use anti-androgen drugs

- Retinoids for mild acne

- Using tee tree oil

- Green tea

Pimples do not have to be an issue that put you down any more. Invest in your kitchen ingredients. Exercise patience and get rid of the acne forever.

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