How to plan a wedding ceremony on a small budget

How to plan a wedding ceremony on a small budget

Proposing to your better half might be intriguing, but it is the first step towards a long journey, full of ups and downs. However, the wedding is arguably one of the peaks of your life as a couple and the event that crowns your union. The tips in this article will teach you how to plan a wedding on a small budget or in different time intervals.

How to plan a wedding: Enjoy a well-planned wedding with a small budget

While some people plan their union for years, others announce the wedding date a week or even a few days after the engagement. However, not many people know how to plan a wedding in 2 months. Still, there are a few contributing factors that determine the best time to plan a wedding and the grace period you should give yourselves as a couple and the attendees to plan for the occasion. Here are some tips on how to plan a wedding.

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Set a day

The aftermath of the engagement leaves no time for vacillating. Most couples are often overwhelmed by the tasks they have to complete before the wedding date that they set it too far away. Others are extra confident and set it earlier than expected resulting in a catastrophic event. Our first instruction teaches you how to plan a wedding with no regard to the time.

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Once you understand that no day is going to be perfect and that everybody will always have something to do on a particular day, planning your wedding becomes easy. The chef or wedding receptionist you wish to hire will still be busy in five months or two years after your engagement. As such, plan a day and start making those calls to determine who will be free to cater to your needs around that period.

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Setting the date is key to learning how to plan a wedding in 3 months as it gives you a deadline to meet. If you do decide to do it freely and make purchases every once in a while as you choose the best date, your wedding day might never come. A date is also ideal for the vendors, photographers, and the owners of the venue which you target as the perfect location for the ceremony.

Book important items first

Understand that planning a wedding means there are priorities and less important things needed to make the event a success. For starts, this tip on how to plan a wedding ceremony dictates that all venues and caterers are booked early. Booking such services early means the ceremony will be a seamless occasion where everything will flow smoothly.

I know people who have postponed their wedding for over a year now due to venue issues. As such, even before choosing the dress or rings, make sure that the venue is booked, and no other events are happening on the same day. This tip can also act as a guideline on how to plan a wedding on a small budget as it helps reduce the costs involved.

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Booking a venue early means you have time to assess all the options provided. You can get a cheaper location when you look for it early, but late bookings will always demand higher costs. Get other vital things early too to avoid overspending on your wedding ceremony. A dress might seem cheap at your local supermarket or wedding store, but you can get a better one with all the tags from eBay at a lower price.

Make lists

The most important instruction when planning your wedding is to make a list of all the services and items required. This tip teaches you how to plan your wedding in 5 months or even two or three without forgetting a thing. As a couple, this day might be all about you, but its success is also dependent on the things you remember to include. As such, a list of all the necessary items and products is essential.

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Here are some instructions in the form of tips regarding how to plan a wedding ceremony in three months.

  • Venue
  • Rehearsals
  • Music
  • Clothes
  • Boutonnieres
  • Bridal Shower
  • Vendors and Stylists
  • Designated Helpers

Transport and Accommodation

The tips might be some of the necessities required to make your wedding a success, but they do not cover the entire list. However, if you are planning a wedding ceremony on limited time such as a five, three or even two months, they can act as a good foundation. Ensure that all items are o the checklist to avoid last-minute purchases or confusion. Not to mention, do not forget the tiny details such as the guest book or some entertainment for the kids.

Be real

Many couples do not inquire or even bother to read posts regarding how to plan a wedding ceremony. Most people believe this misleading idea that you can spend all the money you want to on your wedding day because you only do it once. While wedding ceremonies only happen once in a lifetime for most people, spending all your savings on one is a recipe for a disastrous marriage.

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Do not be afraid to compromise your ideas to ensure that everything stays within your budget. Your fiancé will be excited, and she will want everything she has ever fantasized about in her wedding. However, unless you are stupidly rich, some of the things she wants might not be necessary purchases. This tip shows you how to plan a wedding on a small budget and can be used to save time as well.

A lot of people are using DIY’s for their weddings as opposed to paying high-prized designers and their ceremonies turn out more colorful than the latter. Similarly, there is no need for high-backed chairs if the guests won’t spend more than four hours sitting. This tip can also serve as s guide on how to plan a wedding reception. Some of the best wedding receptions are made from DIY instructions, and the end product is always marvelous.

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What’s your style?

Your style is an important guideline on how to plan a wedding ceremony as it contributes to all the minor details that make a wedding successful. When making a list, as instructed above, be sure to include everything as you like it to give the vendors and other wedding planners a taste of what you like. It might be an occasion for families to join and guests to get entertained but the primary focus remains you and the bride.

As such, make sure that your style and that of your fiancé is clear. Your style gives hints to the wedding coordinator and other involved parties regarding the sort of reception you would love, colors on the decor, and even some of the items they should purchase to endear the event to your style. Throw a cocktail party for the bridal party and be sure to discuss the details of your wedding.

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Limit your wedding guest list

As opposed to the days of old, modern wedding ceremonies no longer demand attendance from every family member, friends, colleagues, or people from your village that you forgot about. Limiting your guest list is a valuable tip on how to plan a wedding on a small budget. People are going as far as including only 20 people in their guest list most of whom are family members.

The perfect wedding requires planning and sober excitement. Otherwise, you might spend all your money or time on a ceremony that you might live to regret. However, with this comprehensive guideline on how to plan a wedding ceremony, your union is guaranteed to be a successful event.


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