How to Screenshot on iPhone: Get your screenshots done easily

How to Screenshot on iPhone: Get your screenshots done easily

Taking a screenshot using your iPhone can be an exciting way to get an email snapshot, capture an online image, or have fun with your friends by sharing something on your phone’s screen. When it comes to taking a screenshot on iPhone, therefore, Apple has made the whole process a fun-filled easy-to-do task. This leads you to capture whatever is displayed on your phone’s screen in PNG format enabling you seamlessly edit the image before sharing with your friends via text, email, or popular social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

How to Screenshot on iPhone: Get your screenshots done easily

Notably, you can also have the iPhone screenshot further analyzed by sending them to tech support or use them to produce a guide to various tips and tricks. Regardless of the purpose of your screenshot, some easy ways help you learn how to take a screenshot on iPhone.

How to screenshot on iPhone X

Traditionally, you could screenshot on your iPhone by clicking on both the power and home buttons. This is, however, not possible with iPhone X since it does not have the home button. Here is how to screenshot on iPhone X within a short time:

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  • Open the screen or app to capture
  • Set up everything as you want to appear on the shot
  • Press and hold right side button of your iPhone X
  • At the same time, press the volume up button
  • Your iPhone X screen will show a white flash, and you will hear camera’s shutter sound if it is enabled
How to Screenshot on iPhone: Get your screenshots done easily

Once you have a screenshot on iPhone X, you can enjoy trying all iOS 11’s captivating features to annotate or share it instantly.

How to screenshot on iPhone 8

  • Here are some easy-to-follow steps to take a screenshot on your iPhone 8:
  • Press your iPhone 8’s side button. This was previously known as power or sleep/wake button.
  • Immediately press and hold the home button concurrently with the above step
  • A shutter sound will follow the screen blink if your iPhone camera sound is not muted. This signifies that a screenshot has been captured and stored in your device

Failure to press the home and sleep/wake buttons concurrently makes your iPhone 8 to cause other actions like Siri or device lock accidentally. Hence, it is crucial to press them at the same time.

How to screenshot on iPhone 7

The process of taking a screenshot on iPhone 7 is similar to that of iPhone 8 since they have similar features for performing the task. The home button has been, however, replaced with Taptic Engine-powered pressure sensitive button. This is more capacitive giving you the impression and feeling of a real home button. Due to this, there is a change in the method for performing a hard reset or entering DFU mode.

If you do not like the process of pressing home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously, you can still use Assistive Touch to single-handedly take iPhone screenshot.

  • Enable Assistive touch by opening the settings and going to general, accessibility, and then to Assistive Touch
  • Turn on the toggle
  • Tap on the label “customize top level.”
  • Choose the screenshot from the drop-down options
  • With the option of screenshot added to Assistive Touch menu, you can take a single-handed screenshot by tapping on the related button

The Hard Reset methods and DFU mode are different because the home button will not sense any presses if your iPhone freezes or stops functioning. While Apple has replaced its gestures, taking screenshots requires a working device. This means the home key will be functioning, and you can use it to take screenshots.

How to screenshot on iPhone 6s

Like iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, the steps for taking screenshots on iPhone 6s are easy to follow and remember. To begin with, press and hold the home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously. You can start with the wake/sleep button and then immediately press the home button and vice versa. Once you have successfully done this, the screen will show a white flash briefly followed by camera shutter sound. The shot will be saved automatically in the screenshot album.

Learning how to screenshot on an iPhone and sharing data with friends has never been this easy with the constant innovations of Apple devices. The process is now short, easy-to-follow, and memorable. There are also features to allow you to capture and instantly share your screenshot on iPhone via your preferred social media networks.


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