How to kiss for the first time: Make it a memorable moment

How to kiss for the first time: Make it a memorable moment

Killing elicits the best feelings especially if you do it with the person you truly love. It feels like the urge is borne out of a force beyond your control and when you kiss, you are left with nostalgic memories. But you have to do it right. This article highlights the steps on how.

How to kiss for the first time: Make it a memorable moment

First things first, to know how to kiss for the first time ever in your life calls for patience and courage to do it right. Most teens do not hold the memories of their first kiss dear because they didn’t do it right. Truth is, kissing is just as important as any other skill that you do need to keep your relationship ablaze. It is the softest and meekest way to submit to your loved one and enjoy the thrills of vulnerability in love.

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When you learn how to kiss for the first time ever, you are preparing your mind to offer yourself to your loved one fully— plump, young, and hormone-stirring you awaken deeper yearnings that in turn bonds you to each other. Therefore how to kiss for the first time girl matters most is it will definitely influence whether you stay in the relationship with her or lose it all to the best kissers she can reach.

Here’s how to kiss for the first time step by step

Freshen your breath

The first thing you should do before kissing your loved one for the first time is to ensure that your breath is fresh. If you ate garlic or any other spice that keeps a scent that may be unpleasant, you should use mouthwash to clear the scent so that you don’t put your loved off the moment you come close enough to kiss her.

Secure a private place

When you are at the verge of experiencing how to kiss for the first time in your life, you will have lots of expectations and the same is true for your girl. These reactions may overwhelm you and how you react may be indecent to the public eye who don’t want to care if it’s your first kiss or not. Being in a private place will also help you evade the bad feelings that may come from the crowd heckling you.

Move your lips gently towards hers

Kissing is a gentle act of love that should be savoured. So move your lips gently close to hers and just as the lips touch close your eyes and marvel at the beauty of it. Savour the taste of her lips and let the rise in your heartbeat move in harmony with the pace of your kiss. Closing your eyes also shuts your expectations and opens your world to the magic of the sweet experience. It kind of feel like your souls twine into each other as you kiss with eyes closed. Open your eyes when you’ve part your lips.

Breath with your nose

When your lips lock, don’t block your nose so that you have to breathe with your mouth.

Pull her closer

Kissing is the most intimate gesture that you can give with clothes one. To spice things up, hold her by the waist and pull her closer so that your chest touches on her nipples. The body contact adds sensation to your kiss and builds trust within you two. This is also a top reason why you should not kiss for the first time in public.

Keep it simple at first

Although you may like to know how to kiss for the first time with tongue at the first attempt, it is advisable to keep it simple; just a flexible open-lip kiss is enough to evoke the emotions you need. Trying a complicated French kiss might not work well for you for the first time. It is better to reserve the tongue kiss till you are confident in your kissing.

After Kissing, Keep the secret- one of the most violated kissing etiquette is the ‘do not kiss and tell’ policy. Remember the beauty of a starting love is its secrecy. After you’ve kissed, however fleeting the feeling is, don’t go around telling everybody in the hood. It will not only make you seem immature but will also make your girl feel insecure knowing that every boy in the hood know she’s been kissed.


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