How to Approach a Lady on the Street

How to Approach a Lady on the Street

A woman on the street can be a chocolate or a time bomb; at least, this is what runs in the mind of most men trying to make advances on a pretty lady. Mastering the courage to take the next step is always the first hurdle in a series of emotional challenges when approaching a beautiful lady on the street. But when her beauty is your motivation, all the challenges turn into milestones.

How to Approach a Lady on the Street

Learning how to approach a lady involves creating punch lines that will steal her heart away, at the same time putting you in control of the conversation. This, to most men, is not easy. Losing track and surrendering controls of the conversation to the lady is a common occurrence when a man approaches a lady on the street. How this happens is still a subject of discussion. To avoid this, it is wise for you to learn the right ways on how to approach a lady successfully.

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How to approach a girl without being creepy

Instead of limiting yourself to safe “hunting zones,” like bars and clubs when finding women, you need to develop an open system approach. This is where you approach women at any given place provided she fits your description of a dream woman. While doing this, it is important to maintain high levels of decency and composure so that you do not send wrong messages through your body language and ultimately be creepy. Below is a list of how not to be creepy when approaching a girl:

How to Approach a Lady on the Street- how to approach a girl without being creepy

• Act normal – anything that is not normal raises concerns and seems creepy. It is therefore important for you to ensure that you act normal not to scare her away.

• Be honest but funny – honesty is appreciated and leads to good endings. When coupled with jokes, it becomes a sure way of getting her number and finally her heart.

• Complement her – the most effective way of getting on the good side of any girl is by showing her strengths. Compliments are meant for this. Tell her what you feel about how she looks and how she walks. This will make her feel appreciated and buy you some time to talk to her. Nevertheless, you have to be creative and intelligent not to make her feel bothered.

• Start with a story from a known subject – starting a story that arouses her interest is a sure way of getting her attention and opinion. This will allow you to pick her brains creatively, without appearing pushy.

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How to approach a girl in public

How to Approach a Lady on the Street- how to approach a girl in public

Approaching a girl in public involves talking to unfamiliar faces for the first time. This thus makes it important for you to learn how to approach a lady for the first time, without exposing the nerve-wracking effect the process has on you.

• Keeping your head high and shoulders broad – whether you are confident of not, the lady in front of you in the street, will always respect a confident man. By keeping your head high and shoulders broad, you will create a perception that everything is fine and that there is nothing to fear as you have everything under control.

• Maintaining eye contact – eye contact is the charm and conversation starter you need. When you meet a girl’s eye gazing at you on the street, maintain the eye contact and supplement it with a warm smile. This works the magic all the time. All she reads from this is confidence and friendliness.

• Use body language – when you meet the girl, it is important for you to ensure that you use appropriate body language to put your point across. This will help spice the conversation making it memorable.

• Be friendly – there are only upsides with friendliness. In fact, it costs nothing to be polite. Use a friendly and happier language that she can relate. Color the conversation with intelligent complements that will make her feel appreciated.

• Keep it simple – do not pay much attention to the “approach” that you forget she is the real deal. Let your language, both verbal and body, be simple and composed.

How to approach a girl with her friends

A beautiful girl in the company of her friends is one of the hard puzzles to crack. It does not matter if you have the right strategies of how to approach a beautiful lady, luring a girl from her crowd can be tricky. Nonetheless, the hacks are limitless. Follow the tips below to successfully steal a girl from her crowd.

• Work on your approach strategy – a girl in the company of her friends, will always judge you from how you treat her friends. Take your time and introduce yourself to them, respecting every girl in the crowd. After this, you need to make your intentions clear and limit your conversation to your lady of choice.

• Confidence – be confident both in your talks and in your actions. This will give you control and authority to communicate with surety, which is a plus for you.

• Opportune time – timing is everything. Approach a girl at the most appropriate time when she can pay attention and listen to you without feeling that she has abandoned her crowd.

• Blend in – this is a good strategy. Jump into their conversation with an open mind. Add your comments and opinions to the group but creatively make your intentions clear by letting the girl of your choice in on your feelings.

• Focus on your preferred target – know as much as you can in the few seconds you have between seeing the girl with her group and meeting them. This will ensure that you have enough to say to her when you are given a chance.

• Get her number – when you have a chance to speak your mind, ensure that you have obtained her number for future communication and appointments, maybe even night outs.

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