How to Overcome Fear - 5 Easy Tips to Stay Calm

How to Overcome Fear - 5 Easy Tips to Stay Calm

Fear is such a crucial force in your life. It is responsible for many decisions and actions that you take. To some, fear is more pronounced thus limits them to do certain things. However, when managed and used to your advantage, fear can be quite a motivating factor and a strong push to achieve more. This makes it crucial for you to learn how to control fear.

How to Overcome Fear - 5 Easy Tips to Stay Calm

Fear can project itself in some ways. To some fear comes because of heights, spiders, snakes, needles or even death. Sometimes fear can become intense and overwhelm your entire system, compromising its normal functioning in dangerous ways. To protect yourself from these extremes, you have to reflect on your fears and understand them quite clearly. This will allow you to become more specific when learning how to overcome fear. Additionally, recognizing the role of psychology in fear manifestation will expedite the process of coping with your kind of fear. In line with this, you can enrich your knowledge on dealing with fear by learning how to overcome fear psychology. Explained below, are five easy tips highlighting the type of fear, and how to stay calm when dealing.

How to overcome fear

1. Fear of heights

How to Overcome Fear - 5 Easy Tips to Stay Calm

It can be quite draining, constantly asking yourself how to overcome my fear of heights, without getting a direct response. Acrophobia or fear of heights can, however, be dealt with by developing the right mindset. First, you need to understand what height creates the kind of reaction that qualifies as fear for you, in a bid to diagnose your fear. Once, this is understood, you can follow this three tips;

• Develop a relaxed mindset by avoiding all the diets that might blow your emotions, and performing activities that encourage total body relaxation.

• Expose yourself to heights that make you afraid, but do it cautiously knowing your limits.

• Build a positive mindset that only tolerates positive thinking on heights.

2. Fear of spiders

How to Overcome Fear - 5 Easy Tips to Stay Calm

Arachnophobia is a common condition among humans of both genders, with more women portraying signs of arachnophobia than men. Fear of spiders is brought about by many factors including childhood pranks and past negative encounters with spiders. To some, the physical appearance of spiders is enough to send chills down their spines. Given that spiders are part of the fauna, it is impossible to avoid contact, making it crucial for you to learn the hacks of how to overcome arachnophobia. Listed below are some tricks you can employ when achieving this goal;

• Begin by understanding the specific cause of this fear

• Learn your limits when dealing with spiders

• Slowly dare the limits by exposing yourself to spiders on a regular basis

• Learn the non-poisonous spiders and start with those, after all the only risk is getting bitten

• A more aggressive approach taken by some people is eating the spider

3. Fear of snakes

How to Overcome Fear - 5 Easy Tips to Stay Calm

Snakes can be lethal, but some species are harmless. Ophidiophobia or the fear of snake is justified by the fact that snakes are venomous. This fear is made even worse when a person hears a story about someone who has died due to snakebite. If you are a lover of the wild and afraid of snakes, it is then imperative that you change your mind and heart towards these creatures of the wild. Overcoming fear of snakes can be difficult but possible. Follow the guidelines below to protect yourself from the fear of snakes.

• Therapy from a licensed therapist who chooses one of two methods, i.e. intensive exposure where you are exposed to a snake more times at a given time and progressive exposure where you are exposed to a snake gradually.

4. Fear of needles

Fear of needles is a rare condition that affects on average 22percent of the adult population. Needle phobia could be stated to arise from experiences with needles mostly medical, where the pain was involved. To some, the pain of a medical needle in the past is too much that thinking of it makes it impossible to tolerate the possibility of undergoing the same process again. Overcoming this fear can be done by;

• Using injection as your preferred method of treatment

• Coming to contact with syringe more often

• Developing a new mindset towards syringe

How to Overcome Fear - 5 Easy Tips to Stay Calm

5. Fear of death

Despite the fact that every human has been made to understand that life must end, at a point, the fear of death is still among the leading types of fear. This can be attributed to emotions attached to the world and uncertainties of the ‘life’ after death. Maybe the only sure way to overcome this fear is by truly knowing and providing tangible evidence of ‘life’ after death. However, when dealing with the fear of death, you need to live more and focus on positive mindset. Feed your mind with life and more of the same. Your spiritual self, mind, heart and actions should be aligned and in perfect harmony. Lastly, you need to accept that death is a natural occurrence that never announces its coming, make peace with it and live a good life.

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