Ghanaian holidays calendar 2018

Ghanaian holidays calendar 2018

We all love to take breaks from the daily routine. In that sense, the holidays present the best time to relax, spend time with family, and get to catch up with friends. 8 to 5 p.m. employees can't fully explain how holidays are important. The Ghanaian public holidays provide are always welcome for many worker to have that much need break. Check out the holidays we've listed below and mark them on your 2018 calendar.

Ghanaian holidays calendar 2018

Ghanaian holidays are either public holidays or some social observances. These public holidays for instance are celebrated and commemorated by all and the government provides that employers give their employees a day off from work to observe the day. Here are the Ghana national holidays according to the 2018 calendar:

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Ghana National holidays

They can also be referred to the Ghanaian public holidays.

  • First is the 1st January which is a new year’s public holiday denoting the beginning of a year.
  • March 6th is remembered as the Independence Day, a memory of when Ghana gained independence in 1957 from United Kingdom.
  • April 2nd is Easter Monday
  • May 1 is International Labor Day
  • May 25 is the African Union day; a day celebrated to mark the unity of Africa.
  • The end of Ramadhan is celebrated on June 15 as Eid ul Fitr and Eidul Adha is on August 22 for this year although this dates vary from one year to the next based on the lunar cycle.
  • Ghana became a republic on 1st of July 1960 and so this day is commemorated as a Ghanaian Public holiday.
  • The founding father and the first president of Ghana are celebrated on September 21st as the Founder’s day.
  • The first Friday in the month of December is always the farmer’s day.
  • Following is the world most festive season, December 25 the Christmas day celebrating the life of Jesus Christ.
  • December 26th which is the Boxing Day.
  • This follows the observance of December 31st, the New Year’s Eve, which ushers in the New Year.
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Other Ghanaian holidays

Ghana has not really gazetted these type of holidays.

  • March equinox is observed on March 20th.
  • Easter holy Saturday and Sunday for 2018 will be on April 1st and 2nd.
  • Mother’s day is celebrated on 13th many while father’s day on 17th Jun.
  • 21st of June and 23rd of September is observed as an equinox.
  • December 24th and 31st are observed at Christmas and New Year’s Eve respectively.

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