How to kiss a guy first time

How to kiss a guy first time

It’s only natural for a girl to want to kiss a guy. But it can be very difficult especially because the society expects that a guy shows his interest first to the girl. If you would like to know how to kiss a guy really well, then this article is definitely for you.

how to kiss a guy first time

How to kiss a guy passionately

Before you go kissing a guy, ensure that your breath is perfect, your hair looks awesome and your make up is on point. You must not have body odor, it can put the guy off. Kissing a guy for the first time can be tricky. His lips and kissing style is quite different from the boy you kissed last. But we have got you covered. Read the steps outlined below.

how to kiss a guy first time

How to kiss with a guy

Here are the steps of how to kiss a guy for the first time:

  • Move close to him. You definitely have to be close to him to enjoy that kiss. Straining to reach his lips can look weird and uncomfortable.
  • Occupy his personal space with your face. You can probably touch his hand as you maintain a direct eye contact with him. Doing this will prepare him psychologically that you need a kiss.
  • Tilt your head and reach for his lips with yours. If you are of the same height, collision of your noses can occur, so tilt your head. If he is taller, you have to look up so that your lips can come into contact easily.
how to kiss a guy first time

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  • Once you place your lips on his, let him do the kissing. This gives him an opportunity to show that he is manly while you enjoy the kiss.
  • Now that he is kissing your, don’t be so hard on him. Like, you should not bite his tongue or make him swallow a lot of your saliva. Be gentle and kiss him softly.
  • To make the best out of the moment, you can caress his back or hold him by the neck. Remember, you are kissing this guy for the first time and you want him to create a good impression of you when it comes to kissing.
  • Ensure to occasionally part your lips. It will give him space to use his tongue which will make the moment amazing.

Enjoy the moment while it lasts

Now that you know how to kiss a guy with passion make a point of kissing that one you have always wanted. The experience can be good or bad based on how you utilize the “how to kiss a guy well” tips outlined above. If you want a memorable moment, kiss the guy while in a seating position. You are more relaxed and can kiss comfortably in that position.

how to kiss a guy first time

If you want illustrations about how to kiss a guy, look for how to kiss a guy with pictures on the Internet. Following the steps well will see you having the best moments of your life. Don’t be shy kissing him. After all, you now know the do’s and the don’ts.

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