Bank of Ghana recruitment 2018

Bank of Ghana recruitment 2018

The bank of Ghana is the most important bank in Ghana owing to the fact that it is the central bank of Ghana. Have questions about the recruitment of employees for 2018? Find the answers here.

Bank of Ghana recruitment 2018

Ghanaian currency-five cedis

Bank of Ghana history.

The bank was formed in 1957 as a byproduct of the process of self-governance. The elites in society who wanted economic independence saw it fit to have a central bank to help complement political independence by ensuring that Ghanaians controlled and had their own currency.

From that day, it has embarked in looking for professionals in the different fields to help in running the day to day activities of the bank. The bank, as it is currently structured, has a total of 20 departments that employ different people with different education backgrounds that fit into the department.

The Bank of Ghana recruitment is based on merit and not on favors. This segment will help answer the following questions

  • What the Bank of Ghana jobs are available?
  • How do I stay up to date with the bank of Ghana job vacancies?
  • How do I apply for bank of Ghana jobs vacancies?
  • Has the bank of Ghana recruitment 2018 commenced?
  • Does the bank of Ghana currently offering employment opportunities to foreigners?

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Bank of Ghana recruitment 2018

Bank of Ghana recruitment 2018.

Recruitment at the Bank of Ghana comes as an opportunity for a potential employee to try and grow their career in the banking industry while working at arguably the largest banking institution in the country. For you to apply for a position in the bank you have to follow the following instructions;

  • Make sure, if you want to be one of the first people to apply, that you have regular internet connection. This is because most of the job vacancies are announced by the bank through their website first
  • You should then make a point of regularly checking the Bank of Ghana career portal for regular updates on employment opportunities available.
  • You will be required to fill the Bank of Ghana recruitment form for the available position that you fell you are qualified for
Bank of Ghana recruitment 2018

You should, however, be very careful to ensure you are not ripped off by some cunning individuals. Over the years, a number of opportunistic people have emerged and they have embarked on fleecing individuals who are seeking employment from the bank off their money. Reports suggest that these people ask for monetary compensation and promise to help you get a job at the bank. If anyone approaches you and asks for money to secure you a job, please dismiss the person immediately and report them to the authorities.

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