How to meditate at home for beginners

How to meditate at home for beginners

Having a bad day? So much on your mind to cause a headache? Stress? Have you tried meditation? Meditation is a self-healing process that cleanses your mind to bring you peace. It is a powerful tool when mastered since it can get us through difficult aspects of our lives.

how to meditate at home for beginners

All you have to do is channel the right energy in our mind and that’s how you unlock the key to meditation.

Meditation is a therapy session for the well-being of the body. Breathing in and out is the simplest form of meditation. With the high levels of stress being witnessed around the world, train your brain to resist from negative energy that leads to stress. Meditation has been proven to heal some of the mental sickness. Here are some tips on how to meditate effectively.

how to meditate at home for beginners

How to meditate in bed

Before starting your day, begin with a dose of meditation to set your mind right to get you through the day. Lack of sleep is due to an unstable state of the mind which triggers hormones that keep the brain alert. A sleep deprived person can try meditation to relax the brain.

Your posture in bed is important for a successful meditation. Sit with your legs crossed together, and your spine and head in an upright position. If you twist any part of your body it will create an imbalance that will make your mind drift. Drift your mind to think of a happy place. This can be a beach on a sunny day with your toes in the sand.

how to meditate at home for beginners

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You can breathe in and out in pulses in order to calm and relax your mind. Do not think of anything that is currently happening in your life. Lock everything outside, focus on your inner core. Remember constant meditation reduces the levels of stress.

How to meditate on the word of God

Meditation is used for spiritual purposes in many areas such as for the Monks. A clear mind is believed to bring you close to God. You can form a Bible study group where you discuss the word of God more deeply.

After the Bible study, when you are home and alone, you can meditate on what the word of God really says. You can close your eyes and imagine yourself communicating directly with God. When you notice you are slowly drifting away, concentrate on your breathing in order to bring that focus.

how to meditate at home for beginners

Silence during this time is of importance, since it is a form of healing. When we are in silence mode, we get a front row seat to see what we are thinking of in our mind. When you have mastered the inner silence, you can use that as therapy to solve your outer personality issues and bring out a spiritually upright person.

How to meditate for concentration

The best tool for keeping your concentration when learning how to meditate deeply, is controlling your breathing. In case you having difficulties in settling your mind, breathe in, in successive count of 4,6 and 8. The length of the meditation depends on the person themselves but should last at least 10 minutes.

how to meditate at home for beginners

Remember meditation is a medical treatment for yourself, so during the process put on a smile and let the good energy generated flow all through your body. Many people prefer lighting candles around them in order to lighten the mood of the place.

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