Black Panther' cast - 10 interesting facts

Black Panther' cast - 10 interesting facts

The whole world is talking about the Black Panther movie. Ever since the Black Panther premiere, the whole conversation about the direction the movie took with consideration to the cast has been a debated contest. Just to give you a gist of the story, Black Panther’s cast are mainly ‘black.’

Black Panther's cast - 10 interesting facts

Black Panther’s Cast.

This is quite a unique path that Black Panther Marvel took compared to their other franchises where the Black Panther makes cameos such as ‘Captain America: Civil War’. A big hand goes to the Black Panther 2018 for really putting in the time and effort in creating this masterpiece that will surely go down the books of records. Here are some interesting facts about the cast:

1. Lead role

There were controversies surrounding who was to be given the lead role. Many big superstars had auditioned for the role. The most noticeable star who auditioned was Star Wars actor John Boyega. Sadly, he did not land the role. There were other talented actors who auditioned but, in the end, Chadwick Boseman out-performed others and landed the role. Many doubted his prowess but he executed the role perfectly in Black Panther the movie.

Black Panther's cast - 10 interesting facts

Chadwick Boseman

2. T’challa’s Accent

Chadwick Boseman is surely a man of many talents. In his role in Black Panther, he adopts an African accent that is related to the people of Wakanda. This is highly unnoticeable to many since Wakanda has been painted as a technologically advanced country. It never faced the effect of colonialism. However, they stay true to their customs and I think that’s why he picks up the native accent.

3. Lupita Nyong’o

Another reason why Africa is highly excited about Black Panther release date is to see their homegrown actress Lupita Nyong’o. Ever since her debut in ’12 Years a Slave’ her star has kept shining. Her role is a warrior who is sworn to protect the king and Wakanda with her life on the line. Her feature in Black Panther’s trailer took the entire continent by storm.

Black Panther's cast - 10 interesting facts

4. Women in Power

The Dora Milaje is another interesting concept that has been incorporated in the movie. The royal guards consist of well-trained and pledged women who are fierce in battle. The cast of the Dora Milaje brings together a host of talented actresses in different fields. The stunts are well choreographed and rehearsed in order to bring perfection.

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5. Killmonger’s Scars

Michael B. Jordan who plays, Killmonger, a villain and a worthy contender for T’challa. The interesting thing about him is how his scars have manifested in his body. They are a representation of the number of kills he has had over the years. It looks like they took a lot of special effects make-up and art work. They really bring out that villain look in him.

Black Panther's cast - 10 interesting facts

Killmonger’s Scars.

6. Stunts

You cannot forget to talk about the awesome stunts that are in the Black Panther movie. Especially T’challa stunts in South Korea. They are perfectly captured. And the martial arts display during T’challa and Killmonger epic battle. The martial arts make it such an action-packed thrill to watch.

7. The W’Kabi Rhino Ride

Another interesting thing in the movie is when Actor David Kaluuya had to ride a horse. This was in order to simulate him riding an armored war rhino in the movie. The simulation really worked well because it is hard to tell the difference between the film and real life.

Black Panther's cast - 10 interesting facts

8. Adoption of African Culture

Even though the film was not filmed in South Africa, the casts speak in the national language of South Africa which is Xhosa. The main actor T’challa executes his local dialect perfectly. The cast also rocks some of the African costumes in their film.

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9. Kendrick Lamar’s Soundtrack

The Grammy award winning rapper really took the film to new levels especially after releasing an entire album. The album features some of the biggest names in the music industry. The debut of the hit song ‘All the stars’ featuring SZA sold many copies on its first week and topped many charts.

Black Panther's cast - 10 interesting facts

Florence Kasumba in Black Panther

10. Uganda’s Representatives

It is being quite some time since Uganda jumped into the international movies bandwagon. This time round the country was proud to see their two esteemed actors David Kaluuya and Florence Kasumba. David plays the role of T’challa’s confidant while the latter plays as part of the Dora Milaje.

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