5 things that scare every single man after he turns 30

5 things that scare every single man after he turns 30

More often than not, the African society “sets” goals and expectations for those who appear reluctant to take bold steps in life.

The decision to marry is an important one, as the persons involved are expected to commit to their spouses and their vows for life.

For those who appear reluctant to make this bold move, a number of things automatically result from their decisions and YEN.com.gh has sampled a few for you:

1. Pressure from family and society to get married

In a typical African setting, there are age ranges within which one is expected to focus on specified things. Suggestions to get a woman to marry may be on the communicated to a single man who has attained the age of 30.

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2. His diet is negatively affected

Parents often provide meals for their children at home. The children however gradually determine their choices of food as they grow up.

A single man aged 30 years or above may, very likely have to get his own meals. This tends to limit his options, as the he is constricted with respect to what to eat.

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3. No inclination to change his wardrobe

A single man is usually less inclined to purchase more outfits, as he convinces himself he could make use of what he has for a while. There are however exceptions, as some men pay close attention to their outfits, regardless of their marital status.

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4. Begins to ask himself piercing questions

A single man who wishes to marry, but appears unsuccessful in that respect may be tempted to ask himself lots of questions.

There are constant attempts at self-analysis, as well as comparison with others in order to detect 'mistakes' in his life, if any.

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5. Recoils into his shell

More often than not, the urge to keep to oneself is recognized as a trait for introverts. Single men aged 30 and above may develop an urge to kept to themselves with respect to a wide range of wives.

This, is usually because the fact that they have been alone for a while, with respect to their love life, tempts them to unconsciously expand that decision to cover other aspects of their lives.

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