One Checklist that You Should Keep in Mind Before Visiting Tourist Sites in Ghana

One Checklist that You Should Keep in Mind Before Visiting Tourist Sites in Ghana

Travelling is always at the back of everyone’s mind. When the chance presents itself, you better be ready to have the time of your life. The idea of getting lost only to find your way arouses mixed reaction, which brings an unusual feeling of contentment. However, what makes travelling worthwhile, is the interactions you will have with the new environment, the people on your trip, animals and the stars you get to count during the nights.

One Checklist that You Should Keep in Mind Before Visiting Tourist Sites in Ghana

Exotic lands have always been a top priority in the mind of any traveller. The curiosity of what lies beyond the seas is always a worthy subject of thought. Ghana is one of the countries whose exotic natural resources invoke wild dreams. A chance to visit this country might mean more than realizing your dreams, as you will have to get a checklist before visiting tourist attractions in Ghana.

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Tourism in Ghana – what to know

Ghana is made up of a people with a high affinity to hospitality. Their humane nature will not allow you to suffer. This can be traced to their deep African roots, which promoted good morals and the spirit of brotherhood. The land is rich in natural resources from lakes in Ghana to mountains in Ghana. When coming up or selecting a checklist, you have to know some things about tourists sites in Ghana.

Ghana destinations

Ghana points of interest for any tourist cannot be hard to find. With a properly defined goal, you will be able to find suggestions that will suit your travel needs while in Ghana. There are beautiful places in Ghana, rich in scenic views and sporting activities for the outgoing individuals and cool silent natural set-ups for those who admire serenity.

Ghana tourist sites – what to have

Ghana Africa pictures: Images that highlight the beauty of the country
One Checklist that You Should Keep in Mind Before Visiting Tourist Sites in Ghana

There are literary hundreds of tourist site in Ghana making it impossible for you to lack places to visit in Ghana. Some of these sites include:

• Lakes – Lake Bosumtwi

• Landmarks in Ghana – Lake Bosumtwi, James Town Lighthouse

• Historical sites –Cape Coast castle

• Nature parks – Kakum national park,

In your checklist, you should ensure that you visit one site in each category listed above. There are also many places to visit in Accra. Makola market should be on your list of ‘must visit places’ in Accra. This will serve as your window to peep into the life of Ghanaians. Other places to visit include Labadi pleasure beach, W.E.B Dubois centre and black stargate. After a fun-packed day, you can find somewhere nice in Accra to rest for the day.

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A list of must-have things that will ensure your trip to Ghana is quite successful:

• Papers – these include visa, passport, health report and notebook. This will ensure that you have a smooth process getting into and out of Ghana. Money is also included in this category. It should be in Ghana cedis.

• Clothes – Ghana is a sunny and dusty place. Get yourself the most appropriate clothes and sunglasses to prevent dust from getting into your eyes.

• Bags – Smaller travel bag for day travel

• Hardware – get a torch, camera, solar charger for your phone, and some extra lithium batteries for the flashlight.

• Toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste and all the other toiletries that are essential for daily survival. Carry malaria tablets with you together with an insect repellant that will protect you from insect bites.

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