Revealed: Most youth afraid of marriage because of tall marriage list, bad parents, others

Revealed: Most youth afraid of marriage because of tall marriage list, bad parents, others

Some Ghanaian social media users have shared ideas on why most youth of today are afraid of getting married.

This has become an issue for discussion because a survey conducted by has shown that the youth of today are delaying in getting married, especially the men.

Some readers have shared ideas on why this is so.

Most youth afraid of marriage because of tall marriage list, bad parents, others - Survey

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To some of them, the economy has become hard that it discourages one from getting married.

Some also believe that parents, especially those of the lady are also making the whole marriage procedure difficult and the marriage itself unattractive.

According to those with this idea, the lady’s family tend to burden the man with a tall marriage list that never seems to end.

Moreover, parents, from both sides want the ‘highest bidder’ for their children as marriage mates.

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The ‘highest bidder’ in the form of higher education level, rich family background and affluence for their children to marry.

But the truth remains that in this hard economic situation in which we find ourselves, such marriage mates are hard to find, according to the survey conduced on the Facebook page of

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For instance, a reader, Samuel Annor wrote: “It is not that the youth are afraid to marry oo. parents of nowadays feel they have invested so much in their children's education so they all want wealthy guys for their daughters.”

“..Degree, masters and PHD holders to marry their children. Aside from that they give the young men a tall marriage list like scaffold. With this kind of attitude do you expect us to settle down smh.”

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Another reader, Ewuraba Esi, blames the situation on the economy.

She stated in plain terms: “In an economy where making a common gari soakings costs u 1.50ps, how do u expect the guys to marry..... Everything becomes times 2.”

Her statement means that once two people get married, responsibilities automatically double; and so to avoid the pressure, it is better to remain single.

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To Philip Eshun, unless he finds a woman who is not a lover of mobile money, but instead ready to toil with him for the good living she expects, he might not consider marriage.

He wrote: “The women of today most don't want to suffer with the guy but they want already made distin, like having cars and property. The Bible says they should be our help mate not we being their ATM or mobile money.

These and many more are reasons that show why most youth of today are not getting married.

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